Wednesday 22 December 2010

Metal provided by Lucky Group is of Best Quality

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The demand for metal is always rising as there is need for better infrastructure. Every country aims at having the best infrastructure and for that metal of good quality is very essential. You cannot build strong bridges with degrading quality of metals. Not only bridges but every infrastructure needs metal which meets the higher level of quality standard.

The metal which is used in majority for building various constructions is stainless steel. Apart from stainless steel, copper and aluminum are the metals which have very high demand. There are very limited suppliers of metal and they also fail to deliver on time. Big projects like building bridges, roads etc. need metals in large amount and also of best quality. Lucky Group is one company who provides best quality metal that to on time. Whatever the amount is needed you are provided with that amount. Lucky Group never compromises with the quality and quantity. Lucky Group is well reputed company in the metal industry and it has wide range of loyal customers all over the globe.

Lucky Group has three companies Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals. They are known for providing excellent quality products to their customers. Lucky Recycling has developed invaluable expertise in non-ferrous and ferrous scrap recycling whereas Lucky Alloys is the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. Fortune Metals situated in Canada is the top choice in scrap metals for the customers and suppliers all over the globe. Lucky Group sees to it that the goods are delivered to client on time and the desired amount is delivered.

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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Best Ferrous Metals at Lucky Group

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Metals are distinguished into two types as ferrous and non- ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those metals which contain some amount of iron-ore and also other metals or their elements. It is not always that the suppliers who deal in ferrous metals often have high quality level metal. Products with bad quality metals are prone to bad usability results.

Lucky Group is a well known company in who deals in ferrous scrap. It has its name not only in Dubai but all over the globe. Lucky Group obtains ferrous scrap metals from markets in Dubai and Africa. Before these metals are exported to other countries, the experts at Lucky Group inspect the metals and then they are packed as per the international standards. Lucky Group is known for having quality standards. Lucky Group is well equipped with latest technology so that they can manage huge quantity of re-roll able and heavy melting scrap. Lucky Group is ever ready to deliver any type of quality and quantity ferrous metals to its clients.

Lucky Group is known for its commitment, the metals ordered by the clients are delivered on time. Lucky Group has two flagship companies namely Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and an associate company named Fortune Metals.  All these companies are experiencing success in the global market. Lucky Recycling and Lucky Alloys are based in Dubai whereas Fortune is situated in Canada.

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Wednesday 8 December 2010

Lucky Group Recognized over the Globe

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Lucky Group is a well recognized company and has its name in international market. The company is known for scrap metal recycling and as the best aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. Lucky Recycling and Lucky Alloys are the flagship companies of Lucky Group based in Dubai, whereas Fortune Metals an associate company of Lucky group is situated in Canada. It is the top choice in scrap metals all over the globe.

Lucky Group is known for participating in various events. The company participates in those events which support environment safety. Lucky Group is a proud member of BIR and it holds Gold Membership Card of this organization. Lucky Recycling is one of the dignified companies to win the recognition from British Safety Council. Lucky Group has won recognition from ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 2002. Lucky Recycling has been recognized by London Metal Exchange, world’s leading non-ferrous metal market. Lucky Group is known for protecting the environment by recycling scrap metals, it’s been recognized by Dubai Quality Group. Lucky group has been awarded by Emirates Environmental Group. There are many more organizations like CMRA, BMR from whom Lucky group has won the recognition.

Lucky Group is known for providing its best service in UAE. Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals have encouraged many other companies in UAE and around UAE to come up with scrap metal recycling.

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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Health is Wealth

Lucky Group is one of the most renowned companies all over the globe. The company is very particular about its quality of the products, likewise it is also particular about the health and safety of the employees. It follows some strict rules and regulations pertaining to the health and safety of the employees like:

1. It gives detailed training, information and instructions about the safety measures to its employees.

2. Keeping in mind the standard and reputation of the company proper infrastructure in terms of cleanliness, accommodation, pollution and work environment is given to the employees.

3. The company has periodical updates of health and safety policies, operational procedures   and also of management process.

4. The most important factor of health and safety looked at Lucky Group is the accidental free environment.

Lucky Group has experienced Health and Safety officers who take care of their employees. There is a timely Health and Safety check done by HR’s and HSE managers. They see to it that whether the measures are followed properly and well executed on time.

Lucky Group’s companies; Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals tries to reduce pollution by using sustainable resources. These companies are known for taking environmental safety measures by giving the best service to the customers.

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Sunday 21 November 2010

Recycling of Non- Ferrous Metals at Lucky Group

Non- ferrous metals are those metals which do not contain iron. Aluminum, copper, brass etc are the best examples of non- ferrous metals. When these metals are recycled they save lot of energy. Also there is less pollution. It reduces the amount of metal going to landfill which saves the wastage of valuable resources.
There are many metal scrap companies in Dubai but Lucky Group is a company known not only in local market but also it has its name in international market. It deals in ferrous and non- ferrous metal scrap recycling. A large amount of non- ferrous metals are supplied by Lucky Group not only to the surrounding market but also to the international market. Lucky Group is specialized in non- ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, lead, zinc etc. Lucky Recycling is the flagship company of Lucky Group. Lucky Recycling deals scrap metal recycling. At the recycling stations these non- ferrous metals are handled with fully equipped and operational recycling facilities. These recycling stations are setup at Dubai, Jebel Ali and Doha. Used beverage cans, stainless steel items, copper and brass ingots and many such items are recycled by Lucky Recycling, a company of Lucky Group.
Lucky Group has a flagship company. Lucky Alloys; they are the best aluminum manufacturer in Dubai and Fortune Metals an associate company, is situated in Canada. It is the top choice in scrap metals all over the globe. Lucky Recycling is an environmental active and conscious body. It participates in events promoting safety of the environment.

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Sunday 14 November 2010

Recycling of Copper

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Metals are used by us everyday. Metals have wide range of uses; they are used in different parts of the world for different purposes. Metal of good quality is needed on a very large scale by the manufacturers. The best way to get the metal is by recycling. Copper is one metal which can be easily recycled and reused. It has wide range of uses.
Copper is the good conductor of heat. It is mainly used in building constructions like wiring, piping etc. it is also used in electrical appliances like tv, computers, generators etc. There are many industrial uses of copper because of its high ductility, malleability, thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. The main industrial use of is that it is used in cladding and roofing. Copper is used in doorknobs and other fixtures of houses. It is also used in copper water heating cylinder, copper bath tubes etc. Copper in form of metal and as a pigmented salt is used to make decorative art like statutes and sculptures. The important use of copper in transportation industry is in building lorries, car, trains etc. It is also used in overhead contact wires that help pass current throughout the train. Earlier copper was used to make things like jewelry, metallic pieces, coins, cookware, weapons etc.
Lucky Group is a company who deals in scrap metal recycling. Its flagship company Lucky Recycling recycles scrap metals like scrap copper, scrap aluminum etc. Lucky Recycling is environmentally active body and takes parts in different events related to recycling. Lucky Alloys is one company of Lucky Group; it is the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai.

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Sunday 7 November 2010

Citizens in Dubai understand importance of Recycling

Population of Dubai is growing tremendously. So also the city is producing high amount of waste. This very fact has made each and every citizen of Dubai conscious about keeping the environment clean and healthy. People in Dubai are going for recycling. In Dubai there are many scrap metal recycling companies which also contribute towards recycling.
Lucky Group is one company who deals in recycling. Lucky Group has a flagship company named Lucky Recycling. The company deals in scrap metal recycling. It is environmentally active and conscious body. The mission of the company is to deliver to specific scrap metal needs of the customers and to expand the companies supplies by creating strategic alliances with the key suppliers. The recycling facilities of Lucky Recycling are located at strategic locations in Dubai, Jebel Ali and Doha. They cater not only to the surrounding markets but also to the international arena. Lucky Recycling has influenced and motivated many companies to recycle things in various ways. Also the people in Dubai have become conscious and have stopped using plastic bags instead they have started using paper bags. They have started reusing old things for different purposes.
Lucky Group is not only known in Dubai but it also has its name in international market. It has a flagship company named Lucky Alloys and associate company named Fortune Metals. Lucky Alloys is known as the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. Fortune Metals is situated in Canada. Fortune Metals is the top choice in scrap metals all over the globe.

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Sunday 31 October 2010

Lucky Group participates in Future Green 2010

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Lucky Group has its name in local as well as in international market. It is known for providing best scrap metals in Dubai and also known as the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. Lucky Recycling the flagship company of Lucky Group has always been an environmentally active and conscious body. Lucky Group has been participating in many events related to safety of the environment.

Recently Lucky Group had participated in Future Green 2010. The event took place on 1st November 2010. This event was organized by It is the regions leading environmental website and first green business directory. The event took place at Conference Center in Knowledge Village. The reason behind conducting this event was to generate eco awareness, helping companies and consumers to realize the importance of going green. The event provided platform for green business. It showcased wide range of environmental friendly products like technologies, services and solutions within green industry like clothing and accessories, education, energy, nature etc. The main reason behind Lucky Group participating in the event was to encourage green attitudes and enlighten the public about the secondary metal recycling.

Lucky Group is a well recognized company. It has received recognitions from famous business institutions. Lucky Recycling has encouraged many companies to come up with scrap metal recycling. Lucky Group has a flagship company Lucky Alloys and an associate company Fortune Metals. Lucky Alloy is based in Dubai where as Fortune Metals is in Canada. Fortune Metals in regarded as the top choice in scrap metals for the customers and suppliers all over the globe.

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Sunday 24 October 2010

Type of Metals Recycled at Lucky Group

Recycling metal is very beneficial to the environment. The energy consumed in recycling and manufacturing the product is comparatively less than that of making a raw- material. Today there are many companies who are into recycling of metals and are also environmentally active and conscious body. Of these companies Lucky Group is one such company who deals in metal recycling. The metals recycled at Lucky Group are:

  1. Aluminum Scrap: Scrap aluminum is recycled and is made into product which is reusable. After the aluminum is recycled it is converted into aluminum plates, aluminum wheels, aluminum wires and many more such.

  2. Brass Scrap: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, when brass scrap is recycled there are number of products manufactured from that like gun metal, brass pipe lines etc.

  3. Copper Scrap: Copper is a good conductor of heat. It is mostly used for electrical wirings. When scrap copper is recycled it is converted into barely, berry, copper ingots etc.

  4. Ferrous Scrap: Ferrous metals are able to be recycled with steel being one of the most recycled materials in the world. Ferrous metals contain an appreciable percentage of iron and the addition of carbon and other substances creates steel. Ferrous scrap recycled is made into cast iron ingots, tin plates, etc.

Lucky Group’s flagship company Lucky Recycling basically deals in recycling of  scrap metals in Dubai. Lucky Recycling is known for being environmentally active body and for providing best quality metal to its clients.

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Sunday 17 October 2010

Recycling of Aluminum Cans

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Recycling of any product is helpful to the environment. When you recycle an object less energy is consumed than that of producing the same new object. The same way recycling aluminum cans is also very beneficial to the environment. It reduces the litter, there is reduction in landfill and also there is reduction in greenhouse gas emission.
There are number of characteristics of aluminum that contribute for the safety of environment. They are:
1. Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable.  When these containers are opened in one the piece the whole container can be recycled.
2. Recycling just one can saves enough electricity to power 3 TV sets.
3. While making a new can from recycled can 95% less energy is used compared to raw material, this represents huge reduction in greenhouse gas emission.
4. As they are light in weight and can be easily crushed if you don’t find a recycle bin they can be taken home easily.
5. As they are light weighted and compact it is easy to transport them.
6. Over the past 25 years aluminum cans have become about 30% lighter. Thinner, stronger sections are now being used with less metal, less energy and more savings in weight. An average aluminum can (without its contents, of course) weighed 16.55 grams in 1992. By 2005 the aluminum can weighed about 14.7 grams.
Lucky Group is one company in Dubai who is into recycling of scrap metals in Dubai. It has a company named Lucky Recycling who undertakes the recycling work. Lucky Recycling has developed invaluable expertise in the non-ferrous and ferrous scrap recycling. It has always been an environmentally active and conscious body. Lucky Alloys is one company of Lucky Group which is best known aluminum alloys manufacturer in Dubai.
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Sunday 10 October 2010

Best Brass Products at Lucky Group

Brass is one of the many metals which we use in our daily life. It has a muted yellow color, somewhat similar to gold. Brass and its forms were used in prehistoric period but its true nature as a copper-zinc alloy was not understood until the post medieval period. To get the best brass product one needs to manufacture brass of good quality.
Brass alloy has different uses like;
1. Brass is used to make wind musical instruments because of its properties. It is popularly used to make trumpets, horns, euphonium, saxophones and trombones. Instruments made of brass are able to produce loud sounds.
2. With the help of brass it is possible to make tableware and utensils. Popular brass items include napkin rings, jugs, cutlery, etc.
3. From Brass scrap gunmetal is made. Gunmetal is corrosion resistant from steam and salt water due to this property it is widely used in making steam fittings, valves and pumps.
4. Brass pipe is used for plumbing purpose. Because of hot-water steel pipes catches rusts, so for hot water lines, brass pipe is used. Brass pipes lasts longer.
5. The main reason behind using brass water meters is that it prevents water from getting spoilt.
There are many other usages of brass and brass alloys. The need for brass is increasing and to meet the needs it is necessary that brass should be available in greater amount. The flagship company of Lucky Group; Lucky Alloys would provide you with best quality brass and brass products. Lucky group is one of the famous aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. Lucky Recycling another company of Lucky Group deals in recycling of metal and is involved in many events to promote recycling.
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Sunday 3 October 2010

Uses of Aluminum and its Alloys

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Aluminum is one metal which is used in various products. Aluminum and its alloys always have large demand in the Dubai market. As there is more demand for aluminum and its alloys in market, production of aluminum is done on high level. Various purposes for which aluminum and its alloys used are as follows:
1. Aluminum on large scale is used for packaging purpose. It includes drinking cans, foil wrapping, bottle tops, foil containers etc. The main reason behind using aluminum for packing of food is that it is completely impermeable. It also doesn’t let the aroma or taste out of the food packaging. It is non-toxic metal.
2. Aluminum and its alloys are used in many aircrafts. As it is light in weight, less energy is used in moving the vehicle and it becomes easy to fly the plane. It is also used in trains, boats and cars.
3. It is used for long distance power lines. Aluminum has been used in high voltage electrical transmission, in place of copper as it is the most cost efficient power line material. Aluminum has other electrical applications too including TV aerials, satellite dishes, and it is the standard base for bulbs
4. To construct the buildings aluminum is used. Buildings made with aluminum are virtually maintenance free due to the strength of aluminum's corrosions resistance. It is also used to build roofs, doors, window panes etc.
5. It is used in many of the home appliances like saucepans, kitchen utensils and such things.
6. Aluminum alloys are used in making racquets, pool cues, ski poles etc.
7. It is useful in making office and home furniture.
Lucky Alloys a company from Lucky Group is a recognized company as best aluminum alloys manufacturer in Dubai. Lucky Alloys is known for supplying best quality aluminum to its customers.
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Monday 27 September 2010

Lucky Group is the Best

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Lucky Group is one company in Dubai which deals in metal recycling. Lucky Group has a different kind of vision. The group has 2 divisions one is scrap metal recycling and other is aluminum alloy manufacturing.
1. Scrap Metal Recycling: Lucky Group has always been environmentally active and conscious body. The policies and practices carried out by Lucky Group are always economically useful. Products such as copper scrap, ferrous scrap, brass scrap and aluminum scrap metals are commonly recycled from our various recycling facilities. Lucky Recycling is a company of Lucky Group which basically deals in scrap metal recycling.
2. Aluminum Alloy Manufacturing: Lucky Groups is the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai.  Its key interest is in secondary aluminum and semi-primary alloy manufacturing. The company started as a dealer in quality ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, but today it also deals in alloy manufacturing. Lucky Group of companies has a company dealing only in alloy manufacturing which is named as Lucky Alloys.
Lucky Group has its associated company named Fortune Metals. It is regarded as the top choice for scrap metals all over the globe.  Lucky Group is most famous companies in Dubai. They are known for their efficiency, latest technologies, advanced management practices, financial arrangements, risk management and operation control. It is one company who provides best service to the customers and also takes care of the environment by recycling metals. The global expansion supported through the service capabilities, makes Lucky Group one of the most recognized companies and its quality service and product singles it out in market.
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Monday 20 September 2010

Mission and Social Responsibilities of Lucky Group

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Lucky Group is one of the most famous companies in Dubai. Lucky Group is known for providing best service to its customers and also it is an environmental conscious body. It is recognized as best scrap metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. It has rapidly gained recognition, as a leading force in the industry with quality commitment.
The Mission of Lucky Group is:
1. To provide specific scrap metal to the customers and fulfill the needs of their key suppliers.
2. To generate value for stakeholders by making maximum usage of available resources and opportunities.
3. To achieve great success in the business Lucky Group has combined specialized collaborations and resources to become one of the most popular companies amongst their clients.
4. To progress towards making environment clean and make it a safe place to live.
The Social Responsibility of Lucky Group is as follows:
1. Lucky Group respects its reputation of honesty, integrity, ethical behavior and high moral. Its responsibility is to maintain its same standard and to give its best to their clients.
2. An accident free place to work, investment in human resources and relationship managers, reduced pollution etc are some essential ethics which Lucky Group is trying to upgrade and enhance.
3. Lucky Group also abides by its firm environmental policy of continuously progressing towards a more environmentally friendly infrastructure practices and fostering environmentally-conscious organizational culture.
Lucky Group and its three flagship companies Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals have won many awards and recognitions from many institutions. Many metal industries in Dubai and around Dubai are now coming up with metal recycling and trying to keep the environment safe, clean and pollution free.
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Monday 13 September 2010

Recycling Aluminum

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Aluminum is a metal which is 100% recyclable and it does not lose its natural qualities even after recycling. The new trend in the aluminum industry is to recover metal via recycling. Recycling involves melting scrap. This process requires only 5% o energy used to produce aluminum ore.
The aluminum which is recycled is known as secondary aluminum. Even though it’s recycled, aluminum retains its same properties. Aluminum is recycled on in wide range of formats and 80% of it is used in alloy injections. When aluminum is recycled significant amount of cost saving takes place. When we use new aluminum not only the cost of production but also cost of separation and recycling is taken under consideration. Even when, aluminum is recycled larger national savings take place as there is reduction in capital cost related to landfill, mines and international shipping of raw aluminum.
Recycling aluminum has lot of environmental benefits:
1. Only 5% of CO2 is produced during recycling process.
2. Open-cut mining is a type of surface mining; this process is mostly used for obtaining aluminum ore because of which there is large scale destruction of world’s natural resources but if aluminum is recycled this destruction won’t take place.
3. Can produced from recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy that of producing a new can.
Lucky Group’s company; Lucky Alloys is one such company in Middle East which produces Secondary Aluminum and Semi- Primary alloys. It is known as the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. The company is proud as it’s is recognized for its efficiency, high quality production facility and for customer centric approach.
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Monday 6 September 2010

Recycling Metal Protects Environment

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Recycling of any product saves energy, let it be recycling of metals like aluminum or steel or products made from paper. Recycling consumes less energy than making the object from new product. Metal is one such object which does not lose its value even after it is recycled number of times. Not only the economic value, but there are many environmental benefits which has led to recycling of metals on large scale. The environmental benefits are:

1. When a metal is recycled more energy is saved compared to make a new metal.

2. Pollution of water is reduced if the metal is recycled again and again.

3. Less consumption of water takes place while recycling metal unlike when new metal is made large amount of water is used.

4. As transmission of CO2 is less during recycling, air pollution does not take place in huge amount.

5. Recycling of metal reduces the need to mine the raw materials required to make the metal such as Iron ore for Steel, Nickel for Stainless Steel and Alumina and Bauxite for Aluminum.

Lucky Group is one of the most famous companies in Dubai. It is known for providing best services. Lucky Groups flagship company Lucky Recycling is known for metal recycling and giving the best product out of it. Lucky Recycling is an environmental active and conscious body. The recycling plants in Dubai are located at Jebel Ali and Doha that provide help not only to the surrounding market but also to the international market. Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals are also flagship companies of Lucky Group.

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Thursday 26 August 2010

Why Should You Recycle?

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Recycling! When we here this word a number of thoughts start entering our minds, but the most important question would be why should we recycle and what are the benefits of recycling? This blog tries to give you a little knowledge about recycling.

First of all let us understand what recycling is all about? Recycling is the process of collecting trash to remanufacture new products which are usable. A number of products are recycled but the most common recycling process involves: glass recycling, metal recycling and paper recycling. Reusing the products for different purposes instead of throwing them is also a type of recycling.

Benefits of recycling:

1.    Every recycled ton of paper saves 17 trees.

2.    Recycling helps in preventing natural habitants from getting destroyed.

3.    When one ton of steel is recycled it conserves 2,500 pounds of iron, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.

4.    Recycling protects natural resources like wood, minerals, timber and water.

5.    It takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than it does to make it from raw materials. Making recycled steel saves 60%, recycled newspaper 40%, recycled plastics 70%, and recycled glass 40%. These savings far outweigh the energy created as by-products of incineration and land filling.

Lucky Group is recognized as a reputable scrap metal recycling company and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. The company is involved in this business since last many years and is one of the best alloy manufacturers and metal recycling companies in Dubai.

Thursday 19 August 2010

Waste In Dubai Malls

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Dubai is the fastest developing city in the world but at the same time it is also generating large amounts of wastes every year. Many recycling companies are helping Dubai to be cleaner; one of them is Lucky Group. The company helps in several ways to recycle scrap so that useful metals are not wasted.

It is a well known fact that Dubai is a shopping paradise and shoppers shop till they drop. A lot of shopping festivals are organized throughout the year which gives rise to the number of visitors. Do you know that these shopping malls and shoppers are one of the causes of rising amount of wastes in Dubai? For restricting the waste you must follow some simple steps.

1.    Banners and posters that are used in shopping malls must not be thrown away. Instead keep them safe to reuse.

2.    When you use plastic and paper bags while shopping don’t throw them away instead reuse them. It would be better if you use bags made of cloths.

3.    Along with eatables a great amount of plates, spoons and glasses made of paper or plastic are wasted. A lot of tissue papers are found in bins which are almost unused. Many times people take food and don’t finish it, resulting into food wastage. All these waste materials must be recycled.

Lucky group is a recycler and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. They have been contributing towards recycling with their company Lucky Recycling. They have two more companies which are: Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals.

Thursday 12 August 2010

Recycling Home Appliances

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Home appliances that we use are majorly made of metals; these useful metals should not be wasted. When you think of buying a new home appliance what do you do with the old one? Most of you must be throwing away the old appliances, this should be the last thing that you would do. To save useful metals you must try to recycle as many things as you can.

The difficulty lies in finding out the ways which show us ways to recycle different home appliances.

1.    You must call the company from where you purchased new appliances. These companies know how to recycle useful metals. They will send their representative who will take away your appliances and discard the useful metals.

2.    The other option is giving away your old appliances to your friends, relatives or any one who would like to use it.

3.    The most beneficial idea is to sell them at a scrap market; you will earn a nice extra income by selling them at the scrap market.

4.    You must find out a recycling center near your house, these centers will take your appliances for recycle in a better way.

Lucky Group is a well known company which has a reputed image in the metal industry. It has three companies called Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals. All the three companies are known for delivering quality products to all their customers. The company is well established since more than thirty years and has made its presence in over forty countries.

Thursday 5 August 2010

It Is Important To Recycle Aluminum

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Gone are the days when only with the help of can piercer cans were opened. The pull – tab on beverage cans are easy to open which have increased the demand for aluminum packaging. Aluminum is a valuable metal which is found in abundance in the earth crust. The best feature about it is that it can be recycled 100%. It takes only 5% of the total energy which is used in producing new aluminum when it is recycled by a metal recycling company in Dubai.

Comparing to producing, recycling aluminum scrap would be inexpensive especially for beverage industry. For maximum benefits beverage industry must plan how to collect aluminum and send it to the aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. However, it is important to find out the recycling rates before starting the process as the rates keep on fluctuating. It would be completely your decision whether your own company would engage in recycling or you would outsource some other company. There are many local charitable organizations in Dubai which trade aluminum cans for making money. Make it a point to drop a beverage can in a huge bag or give them away at your local recycling center.

Our metal recycling and alloy manufacturing company in Dubai called Lucky Group can always help you out with your intentions about recycling metals. Our scrap metal recycling interests are handled by Lucky Recycling and our esteemed associate, Fortune Metals. We are privileged to deal with some of the loyal customers in different parts of the world who have always appreciated our service and quality of products.

Friday 11 June 2010

No Compromise With The Quality Of Products

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Quality of products is of utmost importance for every manufacturer. If quality raw material is not supplied then manufacturers fail to produce excellent products in the market. But there have been cases when producers receive cheap quality metals from their suppliers they end up making products with degrading quality. Thus reputation of a manufacturing company is spoiled.

Every other company existing in the industry does not hold a reputable image. But Lucky Group is one of those companies which have well established image since many years. We follow a perfect procedure of supplying quality metals to our clients.  Metals pass through a strict checking for quality standards.  Experienced management team, skilled labor and suitable equipments are used to deliver best quality to the customers. Most of the facilities used at Lucky Group are automated and advance in technology. Modern equipments like balers, radioactive detectors, analyzers and spectrometers are used which ensures that finest products are gained. There are most advanced facilities available to discard contaminated or non-compliant byproducts. The head office especially pays attention so that quality measures are maintained. The company also provides customers with complete documentation of the loading process including photographs, packing lists, material analysis reports, quality reports and weight tickets.

All the three companies of Lucky Group which are lucky alloys, lucky recycling and fortune metals follow a strict implementation of management system so that best quality products are supplied to their customers. The emphasis given on the quality and technically advanced equipments has earned the company an excellent reputation in the international market.

Wednesday 9 June 2010

Powerful Mission For Successful Future

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Higher aims and superior corporate values help companies reach to the top. Very few companies are left which give importance to values like commitment, credibility and honesty. Most of the companies engage in immoral activities to experience success in a short period of time. But such organizations fail to earn respectable image in the market and their businesses run into losses in later stages.

Success doesn’t come easily. You have to put in efforts and sincerity to achieve long term reputation and profits for the company. Quite a few companies have the ability to create a praiseworthy image in the market and Lucky Group is one of them. Superior moral and ethical values have helped Lucky Group in achieving glorious position in the international market. The mission of the company is to cater to the specific metal needs of the customers around the world. The company maintains association with key suppliers and builds new alliances with upcoming suppliers. Lucky Group believes in giving value to stakeholders hence we make best use of available resources. At the same time company also grabs each and every opportunity for further growth in an efficient, ethical and lawful manner.

Lucky Group supplies all the useful metal to their clients. The company has a well established image in the market. We are known for our commitment, lucky metals are delivered on time and in desired amount. We have three companies which are Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune metals. All our companies are working amazingly and are experiencing success all over the global market.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Recycling Aluminium Saves The Environment

Dubai has always been in news for generating high amount of wastes. A lot of companies aim to recycle things, there are many companies engaged in aluminium and copper recycling in Dubai. All of them play a significant role in protecting our environment. Dubai scrap yard will show you a large number of cans, all of them are recycled on a very large scale. There are some reasons why we need to recycle these cans.

Aluminum is the most common metal available on the earth. Making up about 8% of the earth’s crust. Cans are made up of aluminum and steel. Recycling cans is comparatively easier because they are single piece without any lid so they are 100 percent recyclable. Aluminum cans are very light in weight so in case you don’t find a recycling center or a dust bin when you are out you can take it home. Recycling these cans saves a lot of energy because melting down aluminum and steel takes much less energy than manufacturing new metals. For steel you require a quarter and for aluminum about a twentieth portion of the energy. Aluminium can be collected, melted down, recycled and placed on a store shelf in 60 days only. After recycling it transforms itself into small appliances, pie pans, lawn furniture and a beverage can. There are many metal recycling companies in Dubai which help in making our environment clean.

Lucky Group is one of the best companies in Dubai. They are into recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. Their companies are acknowledged of having international fame.

Monday 7 June 2010

Safety Of Employees Is Most Important

There are many companies but very few of them care for their employees, Lucky Group is one of them. Every department in Lucky Group creates an environment that is safe for employees to work. Unlike other companies who only make fake promises to look after health of their employees Lucky Group actually does that.

Lucky group follows a strict guideline to provide safety to their each and every employee. Every employee who joins Lucky Group receives comprehensive training, information and instructions. Infrastructure of the company meets with best industry standards when it comes to cleanliness, accommodation, pollution and work environment. Operational procedure, management process as well as health and safety policies are upgraded periodically. Since Lucky Group provides accident free environment to all their employees people don’t have to risk their lives. Not only this, Lucky Group has efficient and experienced health and safety officers who meet with all the objectives of the company. All such benefits are not offered at every company, but only a few renowned companies provide every facility to their employees. Lucky Group has reputed image in the international metal industry and have higher ethical and moral values.

Lucky Group has three companies which are lucky alloys, lucky recycling and fortune metals. Our all the three companies make sure that they have an environment where employees love to work. Along with employees we also like to fulfill every demand of our customers around the world. All the three companies follow strict rules and regulations to give quality products to every customer.

Friday 28 May 2010

Best Gunmetal From Lucky Group

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There are many metals that we use in everyday living. All these metals are widely used in different parts of the world for different purposes. Manufacturers around the world need constant supply of metals with good quality. Out of so many metals one of the important metals is Gunmetal. It is widely used for different purposes.

As the name indicates it is mainly used for making guns. Gunmetal is used since last two thousand years for different purposes. Gunmetal is corrosion resistant from steam and salt water. Due to this property it is widely used in making steam fittings, valves and pumps. It can be easily cast and has good strength. This allows it to be one of the useful metals for making statues. It is also used in making church doors, brooches, fonts and mirror cases. It has many other industrial uses and has higher demand in metal industry. To meet with the rising demand it is important that it is available in abundance. Lucky Group deals in supplying gunmetal. The company has many customers who have rising demand of gunmetal. Lucky Group provides desired amount of gunmetal to all their clients.

You can contact Lucky Alloys if you are in need of gunmetal. Lucky group is one of the famous aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. We deal in various metals and supply them to our range of customers around the globe. We are also in recycling and our company Lucky Recycling is consciously involved in various events that promote recycling.

Visit our website to know more:

We Can Not Avoid Recycling Things

Recycling things is nothing new, we have been doing it since ages. People belonging do different cultures often engage in different ways of recycling things. There are many advantages of recycling things hence recycling is very important. Recycling should be done on household as wells as on commercial basis. It is a duty of every one of us to make our environment clean and hygienic.

We need to protect the natural resources of the mother earth. If all the metals available in the nature gets used up then we will be in a great trouble. Lucky Group has always played an important role in recycling things. We are one of the conscious bodies who give tremendous importance to recycling issues. Our company Lucky Recycling deals in recycling things which have valuable metals in them. After recycling these metals they are supplied to range of loyal customers around the world. Lucky Recycling uses machines of latest technology so that metals are properly and perfectly recycled. Lucky Group also participates in various events and activities that aim to save the environment by recycling things. Our company sets an example for many other companies to work on the principles of recycling.

Lucky Group is one of the leading metal suppliers in Dubai. Efforts and ethical work environment has earned the company a reputable name in global market. Our metal recycling company in Dubai has always been environmentally conscious and participates in different events that work to protect environment. The company adopts different ways that work towards maintaining health and hygiene of their clients and employees.

Thursday 27 May 2010

Best Quality Metal Raw Materials

Every manufacturer around the world needs raw materials for quality production. The quality of raw material matters a lot. If they are poor in quality then it hampers the quality of products. Only good quality products have demand in the market. So make sure that your raw material supplier is known for providing quality materials.

If you are into producing products made of metals then your foremost need is obviously metals. But it is important that you get quality supply of raw materials. Lucky Group is one of those few companies which provide quality raw materials to all their clients. Some of the raw materials that they deal in are mentioned below:

1)    Billet Ends

2)    Aluminium Castings

3)    Extrusion 6063

4)    Lithographic Sheets

5)    Mixed Alloy

6)    Aluminium Wire

7)    Aluminium Wheels

8)    Silicon Metal

These are a few raw materials that Lucky Group deals in. our company never fails in providing quality materials on time. There are many other metals that we deal in and supply them to our clients in different parts of the world. We make sure that the materials that we provide have higher quality and meet with international standards. If raw material has best quality then products will be good too.

Lucky Group’s all the three companies Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals are known for supplying quality products. The companies have renowned name in global metal industry and are proud to have best clients belonging to different nations. You can also be a part of Lucky Group, just log on to our website to know more

Lucky Group Will Supply Aluminium Wires

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There is an extreme usage of metals in our daily life. Many times we are unaware that how important metals are in our day to day life. One of the important metals is aluminium. It is widely used for different purposes. It would be next to impossible to avoid its usage. Hence there has to be constant supply of this useful metal.

There are many functions of aluminium and all of them are very much important. One of the important work that aluminum does is that carries electricity. Aluminium wires are used for carrying electricity. Aluminium wires are lighter, more flexible and less expensive than other electricity conductor. Hence their usage in electrical work has increased. As demand for aluminium wire is increasing there has to be sufficient supply also. At the same time quality should also be maintained. There are many metal suppliers but only a few are known for their quality levels. Lucky Group is known for their quality levels and supply metals to their wide range of clients around the world. If you are in need of aluminium wires then Lucky Alloys will provide you that. You just need to tell the quantity that you want and Lucky Alloys will give you delivery on desired time and location.

Lucky Group has three companies Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals. All the three companies are well established in international market. These companies are known for delivering desired amount of quantity with best quality levels. Not only aluminium but we deal in variety of metals. Just have a look at out product catalogue by visiting

Thursday 15 April 2010

Member of ISRI

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Lucky Group, which is the leading metal manufacturing company in Dubai, has always given emphasis to quality of products. The company takes conscious steps so that health and hygiene is maintained. Lucky Group had the privilege to earn numerous certificates and awards. All these reputed prizes have added more splendors to the company.

Lucky Group is one of those few companies who are members of the ISRI. ISRI stands for Institute Of Scrap Recycling Industries. This institute call themselves as the voice of the recycling industry which works towards advocating the pivotal role that scrap industry plays in the U.S. economy, global trade, the environment and sustainable development. Many members of ISRI are those companies which have family-owned businesses and are running them successfully for more than hundred years. Lucky Group is one of those companies who are handling their family owned business since 1973. To be the member of ISRI a company must be an expert and should have potentiality to compete in today’s international market. ISRI provides its member companies with a wide variety of products and services designed to help them work better, safer, cleaner and more profitable operations.

Lucky Group is one of the leading metal suppliers in Dubai. The efforts and ethical work environment has earned the company a reputable name in the global market. All their companies have always been environmentally conscious and participate in different events that work to protect environment. Along with ISRI membership our company has won many other awards and certificates.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

We Will Look After Your Need For Silicon Metal

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Various Industries around the world depend upon different metals to produce a kind of products. One of the important metals is Silicon. The usage of this metal is increasing day by day. Metal suppliers around the world say that demand for silicon never decreases. This metal is highly useful for different purposes.

Silicon metal is used as an alloying agent in the aluminium industry because it has the potentiality of increasing strength of aluminium. Power generating industries are experiencing more demand of Silicon because solar panels are made of silicon. It is also found in many everyday products like lubricants, resins, greases, hair and sin products. Silicon chips are important component in many everyday electronic devices. They are the base of modern computers and electronic items. It is heat resistant, non-stick and rubber like hence it is often used in cookware, medicine, sealant and adhesive. Along with all these it is also used for insulation. With its increased usage its availability should be in abundance. Many industries that consume silicon make it a point to use metal with good quality. Lucky Alloys also deals in silicon metals. The company delivers good quality silicon metals to its customers around the world.

Lucky Group has three established companies which are, Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals. All these companies provide metals with higher quality to their customers worldwide. Our companies never fail to give required quality of materials on time. We have a range of loyal customers spread in different parts of the world.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Do You Need Aluminium Wheels?

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Aluminium is a very useful metal and it is widely used for industrial purposes. Aluminium alloy manufacturers in Dubai are known for supplying quality metals to their customers around the world. There is a great demand for aluminium wheels in automobile industry and the demand is increasing day by day.

Wheels made from aluminium are lighter in weight but provide enough strength. At the same time they are better heat conductor and have attractive appearance. Lighter wheels are easy to handle and allow the user to have better grip. Higher heat conduction aids depleting heat from the brakes which improves breaking performance. Break failure due to overheating is avoided. This metal is corrosion resistant so there is no need for paint.  It can be used bare and looks beautiful too. Aluminium being so useful creates higher demand for itself in automobile industry. Automobile manufacturers around the world prefer making wheels of aluminium. Aluminium suppliers will have to be prepared to meet with the rising demand. Lucky Recycling provides large quantity of aluminum wheels to all its clients. The company follows a strict quality measures so that best quality products are delivered to clients.

Lucky Group is one of the established aluminium alloy manufacturer in Dubai. Their company Lucky Recycling is involved in recycling metals and saving the environment. We also supply aluminum wheels to our customers around the world. We are known for giving good quality products on time. All the three companies of our group are extremely successful in international market.

Monday 12 April 2010

Safety For Employees

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Safety in the workplace is an issue which every organization has to think about. It is the right of every individual to work in safe environmental conditions. But many organizations fail to maintain safety for their employees. No one would prefer working in accidental prone surroundings. Lucky Group of Companies have always provided safe environment to all their employees.

We at Lucky Group understand the importance of safe environment and hence we have strong corporate values which protect health and hygiene of all our employees.  Every employee wishes to work with a company which is actively involved in safeguarding health and rights of employees. Those who work with Lucky Group which is an aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai proudly say that their employers take every step that guarantees better safety measures for them. The company keeps on upgrading their corporate elements like accident-free place to work in, an active community service cell, reduced pollution practices, increased investment in human resources and relationship managers. Along with that transparent work ethics makes the working smooth and tension free. All such values of Lucky Group play a vital role is keeping every employee working with their company happy.

Lucky Group is one of the leading metal suppliers in Dubai. Efforts and ethical work environment has earned the company a reputable name in global market. Their metal recycling company in Dubai has always been environmentally conscious and participates in different events that work to protect environment. The company adopts different ways that works towards maintaining health and hygiene of their clients and employees.

Monday 15 March 2010

Recycled Rubber Performs Just As Well

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You might be familiar with the concept of rubber flooring in homes and offices. Companies in Dubai who were producing rubber flooring from synthetic and virgin rubbers are now following the eco-friendly path. They now generally recycle rubber tube scrap in Dubai to manufacture their products.

Rubber flooring is usually durable and doesn’t usually wear off as it is made in a manner to resist burns and damages. Myriad flooring choices are available ranging from tiles and sheets for your convenience. Such flooring can be made of virgin rubber, synthetic rubber or even recycled rubber. Recycled rubber flooring has sound absorbing properties.

But did you know that rubber flooring has a much bigger role to play?

When you implement rubber flooring made of recycled rubber scrap in Dubai, you automatically go the eco-friendly way. As this material acts a sound absorbent, it reduces noise pollution. Customers and manufacturers also prefer recycled rubber scrap from Dubai as it is much more inexpensive than synthetic or virgin rubber in terms of energy and costs. Thus in every way, recycled rubber performs just as well as the usual. It is a better choice considering the environment.

Another benefit of using recycled rubber in flooring is that it is 100% recyclable. If the rubber is installed without the use of an adhesive, additional recycling benefits can be extracted from it.

Lucky Group is a green company that encourages recycling. For rubber scrap for any manufacturing purpose, contact us through

Friday 12 March 2010

An Easier Way To Recycle In Dubai

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Population is on the rise each day. Increasing population leads to increasing waste. This is the scenario currently taking place in UAE. Thus companies have come up with special trucks to ease the problem of transportation and recycling of waste from your home/office, till the scrap yards in Dubai.

These trucks make recycling easier, as along as the people in Dubai take the initiative to separate everything that needs to be thrown away. Just the way you are used to separating wet from dry waste, you also need to separate the dry waste depending upon the material each item is made of. That is because aluminum scrap in Dubai needs to be stored and used for purposes different from ferrous scrap in Dubai and likewise for the other metals, rubber, batteries, etc. None of the metal scrap should be mixed. The trucks transfer different kinds of waste to different Dubai scrap yards where the scrap is meant to be, rather than uselessly ending up in landfills. Some of these truck services are also free of charge.

In spite of such a helpful service at hand, many citizens aren’t making use of them. The government and metal scrap companies in Dubai can only help you recycle and save the city, by making things more convenient. It is up to us to take advantage of their efforts and make our city a better place to live.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Lucky Group at the ‘World Aluminum Markets 2010’

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Rise in the production of aluminum and slow rise in demand is one of the main reasons for this year’s World Aluminum Markets Conference in Hong Kong. This conference held in from March 25th – 26th is an attempt at creating more awareness about the benefits of using aluminum in the production of goods. The conference is also aimed at solving the problems faced by aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai.

Lucky Group is one of the key sponsors of this event. And Iqbal Shaban (President of Lucky Group) will be extending a helping hand towards this good cause in the form of sponsorship. Mr. Shaban will also be the speaker at the World Aluminum Markets 2010. Lucky Group has participated in World Aluminum Markets 2010 as their vision matches with the vision of this conference. For instance, it is a fact that recycling and using aluminum scrap in Dubai for the production of goods can easily help save other scarce natural resources; because aluminum scrap can be recycled over and over again.

After Lucky Group achieving much over the last year, it seems plain obvious that Mr. Shaban will have much to share at this world conference. He strongly believes that the key to the success of Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals lies in the idea of redefining each company’s focus on core areas of strength. He has always encouraged his organization to stay united and share the knowledge they have gained from experience over the years.

Friday 5 March 2010

Lucky Recycling serves a Global Clientele

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Lucky Recycling is in all, a modern metal scrap recycling facility in Dubai. This recycling company also has its offices in North Africa and other parts of the Middle East. Lucky Recycling accepts and recycles both ferrous as well as non-ferrous scrap. As its facilities are always updated periodically, this metal recycling company in Dubai has received numerous awards and international certifications. Its operations span across 8 countries including Canada.

The ferrous and non- ferrous scrap materials are handled at key junctures in the Middle East. All materials processed at any of their facilities are checked for quality. They are packed with the right material in the correct manner, to be delivered with perfection to their clients anywhere in the world. Each scrap metal recycling facility is equipped with skilled labor, experienced management teams and suitable equipment to deliver well the promises made to their clients. As Lucky Recycling works with clients from all over the globe, they are accustomed to the needs and requirements of various scrap metal recycling markets too.

Lucky Recycling is an ambitious company that looks to operate more and more on international grounds. So whatever your metal requirements wherever you may be, advance towards Lucky Group’s Lucky Recycling whenever you feel the need to do so.

Sunday 7 February 2010

Where Should Drained Batteries Go?

An average household uses 21 batteries a year. Only 2% or less of all the batteries used are recycled.

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You might often see a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol on battery packs. Goods are marked with this symbol to show that they were produced after 13th August 2005, and should be disposed of separately from normal household waste so that they can be recycled. Thus the best thing to do when it comes to safely disposing battery packs is to recycle them at Dubai scrap yards. At our metal recycling company all kinds of batteries wet or dry can be recycled.

Why recycle batteries?

Releasing batteries carelessly into the environment is risky as batteries contain different kinds of heavy metals. The problem arises when these heavy metals are leaked out of the battery packaging and into the soil or the air. This also leads to water pollution. When our ponds, rivers and seas hold such toxic waste, they automatically pose a threat to the invertebrates living in the water. Thus human beings can be harmed through the soil, the air and the water when toxic elements are released into it.

Batteries contain all kinds of metals that can be reused by manufacturers. They contain lead, zinc, plastic, nickel, hydrogen, cadmium, iron nickel, mercury, etc. which can be reused and reprocessed in many ways. Better recycle and reuse than let products like these affect the environment. Lucky Recycling invests in drained batteries. They are handled well at our fully equipped operational recycling facilities. Visit us at

Rubber Tire BAGS?

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The 2000’s have brought many surprises to us all. Some of us may just choose to be surprised by the miracle wonders done by others, while some others are the ones who come up with the surprises. On a similar note, young entrepreneurs these years have come up with the wildest ways to make money. But their ways to earn can really surprise and change the world sometimes. Take a look at a company called Totally Tubular Design for instance.

This company headed by Lauren and Scott Junker is actually dedicated at preserving the planet. Their business is all about creating something out of nothing. They have been coming up with bags and accessories in different designs, made of recycled bicycle tires and tubes... How many of us ever thought of making such great use of rubber tube scrap in Dubai?

Well if you really want to help save the environment you really need a strong desire to help it. You need not become a manufacturer but you can still help by creating demand for those goods that can save the earth. You can then go ahead and recycle them at your local Dubai scrap yard. Recycling cans for aluminum scrap in Dubai is one of the easiest ways to contribute towards a better environment. Once you do your bit, metal recycling companies like Lucky Group in Dubai will handle the rest. The recycled material is processed at our facilities and handed over to be reused by responsible manufacturers allover the world. For more information, visit

Thursday 4 February 2010

Splendid Hotels Increase DSF Excitement

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The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the best experiences in the world. Nobody can deny this. Not even those who aren’t shopaholics. That is because Dubai has all kinds of entertainment and people find their fancies in the form of beautiful beaches, mouth-watering food and heavenly hotels in Dubai.

Hotels here contribute to the country’s economic growth as well as make events like the DSF and DSS successful in no time. But what are the factors that are responsible for the survival of splendid architecture? The construction industry, interior designers, architects, metal recycling companies in Dubai make its dreams come true.

The Burj al Arab is made up of a lot of glass and every other metal available.

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But the Burj Dubai is mostly famous for its aluminum exterior. The total weight of aluminum scrap in Dubai that was used on this stupendous piece of work is equivalent to that of five A380 aircrafts. The total length of stainless steel bull nose fins is 293 times the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The 15,500 sq m of embossed stainless steel used can cover 34 National Basketball Association specified basketball courts. That takes care of a huge amount of stainless steel scrap in Dubai. ( Basically, Dubai wouldn’t have been what it is today without the availability of recycled and raw materials.

Lucky Group also supplies aluminum and stainless steel scrap to construction and other industries all around the world. For details, visit:

Reuse and recycle at DSF 2010

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The Dubai Shopping Festival is a huge shopping experience for one and all. It is the time for fun and the time to be carefree. People from around the globe flock to Dubai during this time leaving their ordeals. They making it a point to have an entire vacation based on shopping and entertainment. But in our excitement, we often forget how we might destroy the environment by creating high amounts of waste and then being least bothered about recycling the same.

Retailers are taking care to make maximum use of reusable materials in the form bags, plates, cups, stalls, banners, hoardings, cans, tissues, food, cloth, etc. Therefore, this DSF is definitely concerned about making a conscious effort to reuse and recycle all kinds of materials including metals. They are making sure that everything is collected in the right bins and forwarded to be recycled at the various metal scrap companies in Dubai. There are so many metal recycling companies in Dubai for this purpose that participate in the promotion of recycling copper scrap, rubber tube scrap, aluminum and even stainless steel scrap metals in Dubai.

But reusing and recycling items is possible only when the residents and visitors of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2010 decide to co – operate. Lucky Recycling has also taken the initiative to create awareness about the various scrap metal recycling programmes in Dubai. But it is up to us to participate in these programmes for a cleaner and greener environment.

Friday 29 January 2010

Lucky Group, Top Choice For Metals

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Lucky Group is a well established name in the international metal industry. We have three companies in our group they are Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals.  Starting with a small business in the year 1973 the company has earned a global recognition today. All the three companies are doing a great job and creating success for themselves.

Fortune Metals was launched in 1990 in Toronto, Canada. The company deals in scrap metal trade business. Today the company has massive network of buyers and suppliers around the world.  The company is handled by highly knowledgeable and efficient professionals.  The aim of the company is to provide excellent quality metal material to the clients on time. You will be surprised to experience the courteous client service.  The company obtains metals from several different countries and has a well acclaimed base of loyal suppliers who provide quality products for its customers. With so many features and best service Fortune Metals Inc is now regarded as the top choice in scrap metals for customers and suppliers all over the globe.  The company follows strict rules for checking the quality standards of their products and uses high technology equipments.

Today there are very few companies which follow an ethical way to run their business. Lucky Group gives tremendous importance to honesty, integrity, moral values and ethical behaviors. Our companies are spread in many parts of the world, we abide by the legal system of every nation where our company belongs.

Lucky Group Deals In Brass

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A large number of elements are acknowledged as metals. Metals have useful properties like: high melting point, ductility, strength, toughness, thermal and electrical conductivity. As metals have so many important properties they are widely used in making many products. We use many things in everyday living which contain some or the other metal. It is essential to know how pure the metal is. Out of many useful metals one is Brass.

Brass is widely used for manufacturing many products. It is used in making locks, knobs, latches, hinges, pulls, doorbells, handles, towel bars, robe hooks and much more like this.  This metal is used in a great amount for residential purposes. There are many companies in Dubai which require a great quantity of Brass to produce goods made of it. Lucky Group deals in supplying Brass. Our company has been supplying the best quality of this metal to many clients. We make it a point that all our customers are happy with our products and service. Lucky Group has three different companies and all the companies deal in the metal industry. We are known for our credibility in the international market. Our companies aim to make all our clients satisfied with our products and working capabilities.

Moreover it is also necessary that we don’t waste such valuable metals. So Lucky Recycling deals in recycling the products which can contain valuable metals. In such a way the company tries to stop wastage of metals and contributes towards making the planet a better place to live in.

Thursday 28 January 2010

Lucky Group Preserves Metals

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Lucky Group is a renowned name in the international metal industry. They have three companies Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals. Today when the earth is running out of all its resources it is very important to reuse and recycle as many things as possible. Lucky Recycling is helping in preserving important metals of the world.

There are many metal recycling companies in Dubai but it is important that we deal with the best recycling company. Lucky Group is one such company which has an eminent image in the market since a long time. Lucky Recycling deals with many different products let us try to know which they are. The company supplies ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Ferrous metals: Re rollable, shredded steel, HMS, P & S, Bushlings, iron ore, tin plates and cast iron ore.

Nonferrous metals:  Aluminum, brass, butyl tube, copper, lead, motor mix and stainless steel.

The company supplies of all these metals in desired amount to their clients on time. Recycling is playing an important role in managing wastes in Dubai. As Dubai is one of the highest waste producers in the world we all need to follow certain rules in order to reuse and recycle things. If you wish to recycle metal then that is simple too. Instead of throwing all the things which might have metals call a company professional. There are many metal recycling companies in Dubai and their professionals will take your equipments and discard usable metals from it.  Or you can go to a recycling centre near your house and give your equipments there.

Lucky Metals In Computers

Metals are very useful and they are one of the important components in manufacturing many products we use. Computers are also made using many different metals. If metals are not found in sufficient quantity then even computer manufacturing can face several problems.

Lead, copper, zinc, iron and aluminum are some of the metals used in making a computer. If manufacturers do not get enough supply of all these metals then a computer can’t be made. Lucky Group deals in supplying all the above mention metals. Not only these metals should be available in a great quantity but also it has to have a good quality. Many companies when provide metals they do not give pure and best quality metals. Lucky group always supply best quality materials to their clients. If good quality materials are not used then the product will defiantly be of lower quality and that disgraces the image of manufacturing companies. We also have a company called Lucky Recycling, this company deals in recycling many used things and discard useful metals from them. Thus we never run out of stock and always make sure that our clients receive desired amount of metals on time. We follow a very strict quality checking procedure which assures that our goods are best in quality.

Lucky Group has three companies Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals. All our companies deal in metal industry and have a well established name in international market. We give great importance to honesty, integrity, morals and ethical values. This has earned our company a reputable name in global market.