Monday 29 August 2016

Different Uses of Scrap Metals

Scrap metal worth millions of dollars are used for different purposes globally. Whether they are ferrous or non-ferrous, scrap metals from iron to aluminium to copper can be used repeatedly in their life cycle.

Scrap metals are used for important purposes

Iron scrap which is extracted from sources like appliances, architectural structures, construction sites, cars, vehicles, and bridges are further recycled and used for various purposes. Iron scrap is used in internal parts in the manufacturing of automobiles. It is also used in the construction of aircrafts for various internal components and other parts in the transport and logistics chain. It is also used in the manufacturing of many materials like tins and cans. Using iron scrap helps to preserve the limited natural resources of this planet.

Another important scrap metal, aluminium, is also used for many commercial purposes and sectors like construction, packaging, consumer goods and factories.

Why industries are using scrap metals?

Scrap metal retains the original properties of the metal. So aluminium scrap or copper scrap or iron scrap has the same properties as its primary form. Hence, using scrap metal for different purposes than the primary metal is cheaper and also helps in the conservation of scarce resources. Hence, industries prefer recycled metal scraps as they can be bought at cheaper rates and used for similar purposes.

Globally there is an increase in the use of scrap metals which has accelerated the growth of metal scrap industry. This has paved way for many environmental benefits apart from added revenues for countries.

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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Some Cool Tips To Earn Profit With Scrap Metals

Scrap metal can be a profitable venture where you can decide your work hours, and stay away from toeing the lines with a cantankerous boss. Here are some tips to make a profit dealing with scrap metals.

1.    Find out its worth

There are different kinds of scrap metals in the ferrous and non-ferrous category. Make sure you know every metal’s worth. Some metals are worth lot of money and therefore bought by scrap metal recyclers like hot cakes. On the other hand, some provide little worth but are available in plenty. Hence, it is important that you know the value of different kinds of metals to ensure you don’t lose on money and waste your time and resources. The easiest way is to stay updated with scrap metal prices as they change regularly.

2.    Find out which scrap is the best seller around your area

You may think that most metals sell around most areas. However, there are specific kinds of metals that usually sell a lot quicker than others in a particular area. Also they command a higher price in the particular area. For example there is a great demand for Aluminum scrap in Qatar. So do your research and choose the metal scrap items that sell at the highest values.

3.    Keep your scrap yard organised

Organising your scrap metal resources helps to maximise profits and make it easy to segregate different kinds of metals you have and their respective quantities. A disorganised one can lead to chaos, reduced profits and loss of productivity.

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