Tuesday 29 September 2009

Why Recycle Rubber?

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Rubber started becoming scarce during World War II, which lead to the process of vulcanization being developed. Thus the smart practice of recycling rubber began a long time ago. Consumption of natural rubber decreased during those times. Then by the nineties, the re-use rate of rubber started increasing tremendously. This boosted the rubber recycling industry which has been doing very well ever since. But this does not mean that rubber is being disposed off with care at every point of time.

Believe it or not, rubber tires are the most problematic sources of waste. Leaving rubber tube scrap lying around outdoors in Dubai city, among the garbage or in the scrap yards, is hazardous to the environment we thrive on. Piles of discarded rubber can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, not forgetting to mention that they become a horrible site. Rubber tires discarded carelessly could even trigger fires. (Let’s nor forget that a fire triggered by rubber is also very hard to curb.) Fortunately, there is more than one recycling technique available to stop this potential hazard from taking place. The various rubber recycling techniques used by recycling companies in Dubai can be used to convert rubber scrap to crumb, viscous reclaim, oils, monomers or energy.

Along with catering to the scrap metal requirements of our customers in Dubai and other countries, Luck Group also recycles rubber tube scrap in Dubai. We serve local as well global needs. You may visit our website for contact details.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Aluminum for Packaging

Gone are the days when a can could only be opened by a can piercer. The pull-tab on beverage cans these days have increased the demand for aluminum packaging. Aluminum is a metal found in abundance in the earths crust. The best aspect of it is that, it is 100% recyclable. You should also know that only 5% out of the total energy used to produce new aluminum is consumed, when it is recycled by a metal recycling company in Dubai.

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Recycling aluminum scrap in Dubai can also be inexpensive especially for the beverage industry. The beverage industry can easily benefit from recycling aluminum only if a plan is devised entailing how to collect aluminum and send it to the aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. But before beginning the process, it is best for industries to find out the current recycling rates as the prices keep on fluctuating. Make a decision on whether it can be done by your own company or is it much more profitable to outsource the recycling and manufacturing work. There are also plenty of local charitable organizations in Dubai that may want to trade in aluminum cans for money.

Our metal recycling and alloy manufacturing company in Dubai called Lucky Group can always help you out with your intentions about recycling metals. Our scrap metal recycling interests are handled by Lucky Recycling and our esteemed associate, Fortune Metals.

Tuesday 22 September 2009


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Recycling involves processing used materials into new products. Many things like glass, paper, metal, plastic, etc. are capable of being recycled. The main idea behind this process is to prevent wastage of useful material. Recycling also involves reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy, water, etc. As a citizen of the world, we all must do our part in saving the natural resources as well as the raw materials available today, for a better future.
Your could watch more than two and a half hours of television with energy saved from recycling one aluminum can. (Source: Blurtit.com)

Lucky Group, our metal recycling company in Dubai is concerned with recycling scrap metals like aluminum, ferrous, copper and brass. We also recycle rubber tube scrap in Dubai. Metal recycling makes use of less energy compared to the amount of energy used to mine and process. Apart from providing environmental benefits, metal recycling also makes economic sense.

We at Lucky Group cater to specific scrap metal needs of our customers and expand our supplies by creating alliances with key metal scrap suppliers. We strive each day to achieve growth and success in our various endeavors. For more information on our services, visit: www.luckygroup.com .