Thursday 30 January 2014

Lucky Group is proud to participate as a Gold sponsor at the Middle East Metals Recycling Conference 2014

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Let the curtain rise.

Lucky Group is all set to participate in the Middle East Metals Recycling Conference 2014 as a Gold sponsor. The event will witness both regional and international speakers share their insight on the latest trends in the recycling industry. This occasion will arrive as the result of an amicable partnership between the leading international publisher Recycling Today and Waste & Recycling Middle East.

The event will be taking place from March 2 to March 3 at the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai, UAE.

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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Recycle Things at Your Home With These Simple Tips

With so many people propagating the importance of recycling, it becomes necessary to pace towards it. And what can be better than starting the deed at your own home. Here we provide you with some simple tips for the same.

Recycling at Home    
  1. Newspapers - Keep the newspapers in a separate bin. The newspapers that you get everyday play a very important role in recycling. You can collect the newspapers everyday in a separate bin and then give it to the recycling company.

  2. Magazines and pamphlets – Just as with newspapers, magazines and pamphlets can be collected in a separate bin and recycled as well.

  3. Plastic food cartons – Food cartons are used by one and all at some point of time. You will be happy to hear that they are recyclable as well. Therefore, you just need to collect them separately and find out the recycling centers which accept them.

  4. Plastic bottles - Divide your trash into 2 compartments.  Let one compartment be for throwing away thrash and the other compartment for throwing away bottles. In this way, you can collect the plastic bottles and use them for recycling. Plastic bottles are composed of PET plastic that’s regarded an important recyclable material.

  5. Plastic bags – Plastic bags that you get from grocery stores are made up of high density polyethylene, that’s a recyclable material as well. You can simply throw away the plastic bags outside the grocery stores which are then passed onto recycling centers.

  6. Your old computer – Instead of throwing away your old computer, you can give it to some poor kid who can use the computer just for the basics.

  7. Glass - Glass items such as mirrors, bottles and others should be kept separately. The fluorescent light bulbs can also be given for recycling at a company.
    waste recycling company

  8. Aluminum food cans – Aluminum Cans are very valuable as recyclable materials. Ask the local recycling centers in Dubai to understand the mode of crushing them. The same holds true for aluminum foils as well as they can be recycled for the manufacture of electronic items.
In this way, recycling begins at home. So take an oath today and start recycling stuff!

Saturday 11 January 2014

Single Stream Recycling with Lucky Group

So, you want to recycle, and you have heard so much about it. However, do you think it is a big task to sort things and take them to a recycling centre for recycling? Well, then why don’t you consider the option of single stream recycling? Now, yes, you must be confused as to what is this type of recycling now.

Single Stream Recycling Company in Dubai

Isn’t it difficult for you to segregate all the waste that you have? Well, admit it sometimes it gets really taxing and boring to separate the trash. You might not even have the time for this. Here’s where single stream recycling comes to the rescue. Simply dump all that you want to recycle in one place. The recycling company will do the rest for you!

This type of recycling is especially beneficial when you want to recycle scrap metals. In these cases, you might not be able to differentiate between two metals because you do not have detailed knowledge about the same. However, all you know is that these metal products can be recycled. There could be some brass and copper vases, old lamps, door knobs, some old steel utensils, instruments, aluminium cans and so on and so forth. Segregating everything can be a herculean task. However, single stream recycling can help you a great deal in such tricky situations.

Lucky Group recycles a lot of metals like copper, brass, steel, aluminium, iron and many more. This is the best company you can choose for single stream recycling. Contact your nearest Lucky Group scrap recycling centre and de-clutter your house in an eco-friendly manner.