Monday 15 March 2010

Recycled Rubber Performs Just As Well

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You might be familiar with the concept of rubber flooring in homes and offices. Companies in Dubai who were producing rubber flooring from synthetic and virgin rubbers are now following the eco-friendly path. They now generally recycle rubber tube scrap in Dubai to manufacture their products.

Rubber flooring is usually durable and doesn’t usually wear off as it is made in a manner to resist burns and damages. Myriad flooring choices are available ranging from tiles and sheets for your convenience. Such flooring can be made of virgin rubber, synthetic rubber or even recycled rubber. Recycled rubber flooring has sound absorbing properties.

But did you know that rubber flooring has a much bigger role to play?

When you implement rubber flooring made of recycled rubber scrap in Dubai, you automatically go the eco-friendly way. As this material acts a sound absorbent, it reduces noise pollution. Customers and manufacturers also prefer recycled rubber scrap from Dubai as it is much more inexpensive than synthetic or virgin rubber in terms of energy and costs. Thus in every way, recycled rubber performs just as well as the usual. It is a better choice considering the environment.

Another benefit of using recycled rubber in flooring is that it is 100% recyclable. If the rubber is installed without the use of an adhesive, additional recycling benefits can be extracted from it.

Lucky Group is a green company that encourages recycling. For rubber scrap for any manufacturing purpose, contact us through

Friday 12 March 2010

An Easier Way To Recycle In Dubai

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Population is on the rise each day. Increasing population leads to increasing waste. This is the scenario currently taking place in UAE. Thus companies have come up with special trucks to ease the problem of transportation and recycling of waste from your home/office, till the scrap yards in Dubai.

These trucks make recycling easier, as along as the people in Dubai take the initiative to separate everything that needs to be thrown away. Just the way you are used to separating wet from dry waste, you also need to separate the dry waste depending upon the material each item is made of. That is because aluminum scrap in Dubai needs to be stored and used for purposes different from ferrous scrap in Dubai and likewise for the other metals, rubber, batteries, etc. None of the metal scrap should be mixed. The trucks transfer different kinds of waste to different Dubai scrap yards where the scrap is meant to be, rather than uselessly ending up in landfills. Some of these truck services are also free of charge.

In spite of such a helpful service at hand, many citizens aren’t making use of them. The government and metal scrap companies in Dubai can only help you recycle and save the city, by making things more convenient. It is up to us to take advantage of their efforts and make our city a better place to live.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Lucky Group at the ‘World Aluminum Markets 2010’

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Rise in the production of aluminum and slow rise in demand is one of the main reasons for this year’s World Aluminum Markets Conference in Hong Kong. This conference held in from March 25th – 26th is an attempt at creating more awareness about the benefits of using aluminum in the production of goods. The conference is also aimed at solving the problems faced by aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai.

Lucky Group is one of the key sponsors of this event. And Iqbal Shaban (President of Lucky Group) will be extending a helping hand towards this good cause in the form of sponsorship. Mr. Shaban will also be the speaker at the World Aluminum Markets 2010. Lucky Group has participated in World Aluminum Markets 2010 as their vision matches with the vision of this conference. For instance, it is a fact that recycling and using aluminum scrap in Dubai for the production of goods can easily help save other scarce natural resources; because aluminum scrap can be recycled over and over again.

After Lucky Group achieving much over the last year, it seems plain obvious that Mr. Shaban will have much to share at this world conference. He strongly believes that the key to the success of Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals lies in the idea of redefining each company’s focus on core areas of strength. He has always encouraged his organization to stay united and share the knowledge they have gained from experience over the years.

Friday 5 March 2010

Lucky Recycling serves a Global Clientele

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Lucky Recycling is in all, a modern metal scrap recycling facility in Dubai. This recycling company also has its offices in North Africa and other parts of the Middle East. Lucky Recycling accepts and recycles both ferrous as well as non-ferrous scrap. As its facilities are always updated periodically, this metal recycling company in Dubai has received numerous awards and international certifications. Its operations span across 8 countries including Canada.

The ferrous and non- ferrous scrap materials are handled at key junctures in the Middle East. All materials processed at any of their facilities are checked for quality. They are packed with the right material in the correct manner, to be delivered with perfection to their clients anywhere in the world. Each scrap metal recycling facility is equipped with skilled labor, experienced management teams and suitable equipment to deliver well the promises made to their clients. As Lucky Recycling works with clients from all over the globe, they are accustomed to the needs and requirements of various scrap metal recycling markets too.

Lucky Recycling is an ambitious company that looks to operate more and more on international grounds. So whatever your metal requirements wherever you may be, advance towards Lucky Group’s Lucky Recycling whenever you feel the need to do so.