Wednesday 6 April 2011

Waste Management Is Easier Than You Think

We all live in a fast paced and modern world today, but little do we realize that all of this won’t actually matter if there is no future and no space. Yes space, at our current rate of dumping waste, our landfills will be full and soon we will run short of space to dispose our waste. The good thing about wet waste is that it can be chopped down and compressed and usually works as good manure. The bad part is that all the plastic aluminum cans and glass that we throw into the bin ends up in landfills, such items take hundreds and hundreds of years to decompose and decay.

A simple and widely followed solution world wide is waste management. Waste management helps us deal with environmental problems at the very core. It is not as difficult as most people think and works a long way even if you don’t have much waste to deal with. The three R’s of waste management will help you follow it in the most simple and understanding manner.

Reduce: Reduce refers to cutting down the amount of waste that you produce on a daily basis. A simple way to accomplish this is to just pick the right items, rather only what you really need with the right packaging. Reducing can also come in the form of carpooling, or even using computers to avoid paper consumption. Another great way is to consume fresh items instead of packaged ones such as in the case of meat and vegetables.

Reuse: This simply means that you need to find ways in your daily life to use reusable items such as a cloth bag or a sack instead of asking for plastic bags at the market. Reduce the plastic from your lunch by carrying a reusable box instead of wrapping it up in plastic and paper.

Recycle: When shopping always look for items that have the recycling logo of the 3 arrows on them, then you will know you are doing your part. Selecting items with paper cartons instead of plastic will automatically force manufacturers to find new ways of delivering goods. Separate your waste at home and make it a habit to use different bins for different items.

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