Wednesday 9 September 2015

Importance Of Aluminium Alloys And Their Various Functionalities

Aluminium is an important metal used for various purposes. Aluminium alloys are in great demand leading to growing aluminium manufacturing with each year. It is an important element of the commodity market which supports many economies around the world.

Let’s delve into quick details reminding ourselves of the various purposes aluminium alloys are used for-


Other than roads, and water bridges, aluminium alloys are important components required to manufacture air crafts. 70% of aircraft mainframes are made using aluminium alloys. In automobile sector, aluminium alloys are chiefly by car companies to manufacture important car accessories like engines, wheels, radiators and other body parts.

Power sector

Significant proportion of power lines use aluminium instead of copper as their reliable conductor on weight grounds.


Aluminium foils have always played a role packing food items. There are also aluminium cans that envelope many beverages. The reason for such ubiquity is that aluminium packaging is simple, and yet aesthetically appealing.

Office and home equipment

Most of our office and home equipment's like furniture, iron, and utensils are made using aluminium and its alloys.

Infrastructural purpose

Aluminiumis a chief element used to construct buildings and main components of a house like roofs, doors, and window panes.

Sports items

Many sports items like rackets, snookers, pool cues, ski poles, and golf clubs are made using aluminium alloys.


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