Wednesday 17 December 2014

Difference Between Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Scrap

Recycling should be fun.

It should not be complex or so technical that it becomes a task. That is the main motivation for us to write blogs that help you recycle and keep it fun.

In today's blog post we are going to talk about the differences and similarities between ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. People mostly get overwhelmed with the technicalities when they start recycling but after you read this blog post, we are sure you won't have any doubts about how to recycle either of these metals or negotiate on their prices.

Simply put: Ferrous metals contain iron. Non-ferrous metals do not contain any iron.

Ferrous metals include: Steel, cast iron and wrought iron. Non-ferrous metals include: aluminium, brass, copper, nickel, zinc, lead and tin. They also include precious metals like gold and silver, but you won't really  sell them at the scrap yard.

The Differences

Ferrous metals are widely used for their strength and durability. Skyscrapers, bridges, automobiles and tools use ferrous metals. But for all their strength and durability, ferrous metals have the disadvantage of rusting when exposed to air. Stainless steel and wrought iron resist rusting but not other ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous metals are not as strong as ferrous metals, but they are used for various other purposes. Aluminium is valued for its malleability and light weight and used extensively in aircrafts. Non-ferrous metals are also resistant to rusting and are used for road signs, roofing, water pipes and gutters.

The Price

The prices of ferrous metals remain fairly steady as they are available in good supply throughout the year.

Non-ferrous metals are harder to come by which makes the demand greater and the prices higher. Aluminum prices don't fluctuate as much because of its steady supply but other non-ferrous metals like copper and brass can face massive price fluctuations throughout the year.

If you are looking to sell scrap, always call the scrap dealer in advance to find out the rate they are offering to buy the metal you have to sell.

The Similarities

Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are useful and important for the Recycling Industry and ultimately for the environment.

If you have any more questions about ferrous and non-ferrous metals, leave them in the comments and we will get back to you.

Thursday 11 December 2014

How can you upcycle discarded copper pipes?

Where to find copper pipes in your house

Copper pipes are commonly used in houses for plumbing purposes. Copper pipes are non-toxic and safer than lead and hence most new households install copper pipes for their hot and cold water supply.

If you are upgrading the plumbing of your home, there is a lot you can do with copper pipes.

How to upcycle copper pipes?

This is the age of DIY. Upcycle is the recycling of old objects in such a way so as to create something of value. Here are some ways to upcycle discarded copper pipes.

If you have lots of copper piping, consider building an open copper bookshelf.

Copper can also be re-used as a curtain road. It looks gleaming and great and goes well with any type of curtain.

Here are a few ways where copper pipes can be  upcycled as lamps. We think there is something amazingly beautiful about copper gleaming in light.


Selling copper as scrap

If you do not feel like experimenting with copper fixtures, there is another way you can help upcycle the metal.

Simply sell copper at the scrap yard to make some money. Copper is very highly valued at the scrap yard. The average return value is generally between $2-4 per pound of copper. Every time copper is recycled, 100% of the metal is recovered. So by selling copper at the scrap yard you are definitely doing your bit for the environment.

If you want to know about other metals you can sell to make money, read this blogpost.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

How to sell scrap metal for money?

Where to look for scrap metal?

1. Look in your garage or basement.
2. Check in your neighborhood for discarded metal by the side of the road.
3. If you are holding on to old auto parts, those can be sold as scrap metal.
4. An old lawnmower has lots of metal parts and can be sold as scrap. Just make sure you empty the fuel tanks before you put it up for sale.
5. Yard sales are a good place to score some scrap metal for cheap.

How much is it worth?

Copper- Copper is the most valued scrap metal. Almost any metal recycling yard will accept it, depending on its condition. When copper is recycled, 100% of the metal is recovered. You can scrap motors that have copper or even copper wires. Old Christmas tree lights contain copper. And so do old toasters with their copper wiring. Old-fashioned or industrial plumping fixtures were also made of copper.

Brass- Recycling alloys like brass can also prove valuable. Brass can be found in gears, locks, valves, musical instruments and ammunition.

Aluminium- Aluminium is easily available as beverage cans, car bodies and tins. It is relatively cheap to sell as scrap.

Steel - Steel is the most common metal to scrap but the least lucrative. It can be commonly found in kitchen utensils, hubcaps and beer kegs.

How to sell it?

Step 1: Sort and clean the scrap metal
By doing these two things you significantly reduce the word the scrap yard has to do to recycle the metal. For that, your scrap metal could be bought for more.

Step 2: Find a transport vehicle. If you are carrying small quantities of scrap metal you can even use a bicycle to transport the scrap to the recycling yard. But if you are transporting huge quantities of scrap, then a pickup truck with an open back is your best option. Scrap metal in an open pickup truck can be easily unloaded by a crane. If you take your scrap metal in a closed vehicle, then you might damage your car's interior while unloading the scrap.

Step 3: Negotiate for a good price. Compare prices of the metal you are selling beforehand. You can either research it online or call up different scrap yards in your neighborhood and ask them their prices. Scrap yards usually pay more for larger quantities of scrap. Also in some areas, scrap metal fetches more during colder seasons.

Where to sell it?

The easy answer for this is scrap yards. But this question will deal with how to go about finding a scrap yard and sell your scrap? There are a few steps to this.

1. First, find a local scrap yard. You can look in your local classifieds book or do an internet search. Search for "scrap yard your-location-name" or "metal recycling your-location-name".

2. Different scrap yards buy different kinds of metal. Shortlist the scrap yards based on what you are selling.

3. Compare prices before you visit the shortlisted scrap yards by calling them and asking how much they offer for the metal you are selling.

4. Negotiate!

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Upcycle in the Garden - Planters and Containers

What does an old worn out boot, used plastic water bottles and worn out tyres have in common?

They can all be used as planters and containers in your garden.

Yes! We are not joking. Upcycle is the new recycle. Upcycling is when you take old items that you don't use anymore and converting them into something useful and beautiful.

At Lucky Group we have the most advanced environmental policy in the Middle East and we actively encourage upcycling materials before discarding them.

Here are a few ways in which you can upcycle used household items to make beautiful planters and containers in your home garden.

Old boots have an aura of mystery about them and plants and flower growing out of old boots only magnifies that aura. Put a little dam soil in an old boot you haven’t used in a while and insert a delicate sapling in the soil and keep an eye out as the wonder emerges.

Old plastic bottles have never looked so beautiful as they do with green foliage sprouting out of them. Cut a portion from the side of a used plastic bottle and plan some goodness in there. Then nail it on the wall. Ten points for the environment, we say.


Tyres really cannot be used for anything else once they are worn out. Except maybe for looking really pretty in the garden! Stack two tyres on top of one another and use them as traditional planters. They can be used for growing shrubs or herbs. Coat them with paint for an extra level of prettiness.


There is another way you can use tyres as planters. Nail them on a wall, drill some holes at the bottom for drainage, fill with potting soil and plant some blooms. See how a plain old wall becomes a wall of blooming art.

Recently Lucky Group was invited to participate as a recycling partner to the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) for its annual Can Collection Drive in October, 2014. We are very proud to share that we will be part of this drive.

If you have used upcycled items in your garden let us know how in the comments and we would love to add them to the list.

Monday 22 September 2014

The Best Environmental Policy in the Middle East

Did you know that we have one of the most advanced environmental policies amongst all the recycling companies in the Middle East?

Lucky Group is one of the largest metal recyclers in the Middle East. Our recycling facilities in Dubai, Jebel Ali and Doha cater to clients that span over 40 countries worldwide.

As part of our operations, we procure metal scraps from various industries, scrap merchants and collection centers and process them in our facilities. Lucky Recycling has been re-certified for the AQSIQ certificate, which points to our stringent quality checks and commitment to the environmental cause. We are the first recycling corporation in the UAE to have the AQSIQ certification.

We believe in leading the recycling industry in the Middle East to a more environmentally friendly direction. Here are a few key factors in achieving our environmental objectives

-    We use only non-hazardous materials to minimize health hazards

-    We minimize waste through recycling

-    We utilize water and electricity as efficiently as possible

We endeavor to encourage environmentally aligned responsible behaviors. We communicate our environmental policy to our employees, clients and the public. We hope to continually evaluate and improve our environmental policy according to our strategic and operational development.

Leave a comment if you have any ideas for improving our environmental policy.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Creating Magic with Recycled Metal

Lucky Group is a scrap metal recycling company. We are also very environmentally conscious. We strongly believe that metal should be recycled and upcycled at home before it is tossed in the thrash. Check out some creative sculpture that can be made with thrash metal.

Standing on its own, the sculpture does not say much, but shine some bright light on it and suddenly the shadow becomes resembles Michelangelo's famous statue David.


This is another beautiful example of shadow sculpture. What looks like a messy discarded pile of used cans is actually carefully constructed to create a shadow on the wall of two people making merry.

Shadow Art  “How come my art is garbage, and their garbage is art?”


Who knew old, rusted shovels could make for such an attractive garden ornament? This is a great example of making best out of waste.


While this is not a project you can take up at home, it is very pretty indeed. Old keys welded together to take the shape of a red wine bottle.

creative recycled art: Red Wine Key Bottle, Metal Sculpture by Moerkey, in Horsham, Australia $178 @Etsy 110918259


We’ve been saving our cutest finds for the last. These metal robots can be created from supplies that can easily be found in the kitchen. So go on, get some spare spoons, forks, nails and tins while we provide the inspiration.

RECYCLED ROBOT SCULPTURE    best American Idol by BranMixArt, $96.00

Upcycled ROBOT  Sculpture   Broom Mama      green by BranMixArt, $80.00

RECYCLED Reused ROBOT Sculpture Angry Viking by BranMixArt

RESERVED FOR LISA  Cool Cat 3 Assemblage Steampunk by DonLJones

Lucky Group is one of the oldest Metal Recycling Companies in Dubai. We also trade scrap metals in Dubai and the Middle East. Contact us for more details.


Image source:,,

Thursday 14 August 2014

Super Ways to Upcycle Old Coins

See a penny, pick it up
All day long you’ll have good luck

Old coins and pennies have always been known to bring about good luck. If that is true, why keep those old pennies locked up in drawers?

Here are some ways you can bring out those pennies and get them to look pretty.

Fridge Magnets. Stick a magnet to their back and put them on the fridge.


Decorative ball made of reclaimed coins. This will look beautiful on a mantelpiece in your drawing room.


Charm bracelet. Charm your way into someone’s heart by making them this beautiful charm bracelet.


Frame foreign coins. You’ve been all over the world collecting those beautiful coins. This is a perfect way to display them.


Coin Necklace. Make a vintage statement with an embossed coin necklace.


Decorate a vase. Paste old bronze coins along its exterior and see how the vase lights up.


Create art. Or Simply create your own art piece. We hope this stunning piece of mixed media art by Ann Carrington’s inspires you to create an art piece yourself.



Which of these ideas do you like best? Let us know in the comments below. At Lucky Group ( we recycle scrap metal and are reputed to provide the best product and services in the Middle East.

Thursday 17 July 2014

Think Again Before You Throw Away Your Use Soda Cans!

What is the best that you do with your used soda cans, wires, castings, mixed aluminium alloy, plates, wheels and other such aluminium junk? If you are like most people, you can’t think of anything creative and you would probably throw them in the bin. But what if we told you that this scrap metal can take your home decor up a couple of notches and will make you look insanely creative and cool? Don’t believe us? Just have a look at these mind blowing ideas below:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="355"]Aluminium can angels - creative source:savedbylovecreations(dot)com[/caption]

These are angel ornaments or so we can say. Made out of soda cans, they look immensely creative. Hang it on your Christmas tree or your windowsill. This will definitely gain you some praise for putting your used soda cans to a good use.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="321"] source:modpodgerocksblog(dot)com[/caption]

This is a handy and brilliant way of making good out of junk. These adorably decorated paint cans could be used to organise your study, kitchen or bathroom. Decorate used paint cans with bright fabrics, colours and buttons to make them look good as new. Doing this will save you a bit of money and also make a corner in your house look colourful and in vogue.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250"] source:sheheartsit(dot)com[/caption]

Well, this lady is sure going gaga about having done her bit for an environmental cause. But then it really is cool to wear a pair of earring made out of the top pull tabs of soda cans. Try them on and let us know.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="350"] source:dollarstorecrafts(dot)com[/caption]

Adorn your house with these li’l can lanterns made out of the soda cans. Hang them on your study table, in your balcony or near your bedpost. When the soft light from these lanterns will glaze out, they will only be spreading shimmer of your creativity.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="332"] source:inhabitat(dot)com[/caption]

Look at the image closely. What do you think it is?

If you have run out of candies, refrigerate your vegetables in it or use it to store your stationary. A pop top pull tab basket for all purpose. And it looks stunning too!

Uber cool, is it not? Liked it? Let us know in the comments below.

If recycling the junk metal looks like a task, leave it to us. Visit us and let us serve you.


Sunday 1 June 2014

How Lucky Group Managed Through the Global Recession?

While the markets seem to be looking up it has been a very tumultuous phase in the past year of 2013.There was a government lock down in the USA, besides global politics played an important role in the metal business. After a very rough phase that the market went through it was the year of 2014 that bring a change in global markets which influenced that metal scrap market. The markets in Greece were going into an all time low in 2012 and the Greece economic crisis took such a turn that Greece dropped out of the EU. While some of this affected some of the markets, a global recession was very much evident.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="301"] source:thetrendwatch(dot)com[/caption]

It was a very clear sign that the economy had plunged into an all time low and that it could take time to recover. The year 2014 saw a positive start and the global markets recovered phenomenally. While the metal scrap industry has taken necessary efforts to strengthen it and insulate itself from the global economic slowdown it has not been very successful in the same endeavor as none of the world markets actually did well in 2013 including the IT industry and other industries globally.

We can chronicle this change that started in 2008, the US meltdown that affected all markets globally. There was political unrest in 2011 with tectonic changes in the Middle East, the US and Asia, which resulted in distracting focus from trade. While the activists demanded political action, including a demand for democracy, lesser corruption and nepotism governance it all hinted a sea change that was coming.

Global Reccession

Global metal prices of aluminum and copper have been fluctuating and there seems to be no stability. The markets are very volatile could not be stable on the securities or market index. This resulted in indirectly affecting every facet of our lives. So oil prices and metal scrap prices remained influenced by both market forces and political factors.

The Lucky Group is the one of the largest, integrated metal recyclers and secondary aluminum alloy manufacturers in the Middle East. Established in 1973, Lucky Group today has a clientele in over 40 countries worldwide, with exceptional recycling facilities in Dubai, Jebel Ali, Doha.So Lucky Group took some very tough financial decisions when the market essentially full of turmoil and this prevented them from going into debt. The lucky group averted all financial risks possible."We believe that borrowing freely increases your financial exposure; it can be a good recipe for bankruptcy," according to Saleem Shaban of the Lucky Group. The top brass at Lucky Group was compelled to take important financial decisions and avert a financial risk in the trade in times of a global economic slowdown.

Friday 23 May 2014

Progress & Achievements of Lucky Group in Recycling Industries.

The Lucky Group as a family run business in 1973 when Dilawar and Iqbal founded the business in order to provide recycling solutions. The business grew as more family members joined and it is today known as the Lucky group as its Flagship Company. Today, we have a growing clientele in more than 40 countries.Lucky Group today is a family owned business and is a vital scrap metal dealer of copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, ferrous and rubber to several industries around the world. We recycle a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals around the world.

Lucky Group of Company maintains its daily operations and design strategies based on honesty, professional integrity and with an ethical mindset. A legal and compliance cell exists to aid vital components of our organizational infrastructure.

We cater to the scrap metal needs of our clients and, at the same time, to expand our sourcing by creating strategic alliances with our suppliers to create value for our clients.

We want to generate value for all our stakeholders by making the most optimal use of all available resources and opportunities in an ethical, lawful and efficient manner. Each member of the Lucky Group works towards assuring confidence, whether in the superlative quality levels maintained during production, a strong code of integrity in business dealings or in the accuracy of its account management.

Lucky Group is a fervent believer in exceptional quality standards and constant improvement. Our company has won numerous awards for top notch service. Lucky Group is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company that works towards ethics and thrives to work for better and strives to work towards a better and more sustainable future. With 40 years of experience and expertise in the recycling industry for Lucky Group has been thriving to ensure quality services to our clientele.

Lucky Group has a scrap division and an alloy division, and haspresence across the Dubai, Jebel Ali, Doha and Qatar. With offices in the emirates and Canada our increasing and larger existence goes to show that our services cater to a larger clientele worldwide.

Choose the Lucky Group to Be Lucky in your professional Recycling needs.

Friday 9 May 2014

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with Recycling

Recycling may be safe for the environment, but it is also a lucrative and business opportunity. Potentially recyclable items include not only fabrics, metals, electronics, plastics, papers, bottles, but also glasses, organics, woods, industrial materials such as construction and demolition debris, fly ash, concrete, and asphalt.

Recycling as a job opportunity includes a number of processes. It is very hierarchical and includes a variety of processes. Recycling as an industry includes not merely a business opportunity, but it is likewise a societal activity that involves serving society. It is what might some call as an activity for societal good.

tips recycling services dubai

A plethora of industries would be covered under recycling, which includes paper industry, plastic industry, Metals and nonmetallic, chemical wastes. Recycling of metals is a very productive and profit making businesses as the price of metals are always increasing. Legislation is required to be passed so that recycling law becomes more stringent.

Conglomerates and large establishments can undertake a social agenda in their local area – improving the environment; the local economy; and society. This can be done through several local recycling companies. These are 'Green Solutions' Corporate can utilize emerging technologies, social will power and Entrepreneurial spirit to come up with solutions for the environment and help with day to day chores like cleaning the roads, planting trees and taking such similar initiatives to achieve an equilibrium in the environment and help attain sustainability.

reduce reuse and recycle

In concert with the government; corporations can set targets in recycling and achieving their green initiative goals. On an educational level educational establishments like schools and universities can create consciousness about recycling and reusing. There are some famous campaigns like “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”.

Things which usually are recycled include Plastic bottles, batteries, Glass bottles, Electronics. A typical waste bin would consist of organics, paper, metal and glass and even some junk. So we understand that it is not only organic rather it is even paper and other fabrics which can recycle.

While recycling comes with its own challenges it is a good form of CSR for scrap metal recycling companies to be a part of.

Monday 28 April 2014

Lucky Group: Quality and Ethics

Lucky Group is a huge name in the international metal industry. It is a company which is highly reputed for its work.

We basically have three companies- Lucky Recycling, Lucky Star Alloys, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals. We’ve earned a global recognition today. The company has been in the business since 1973. All the three companies are highly successful and are doing a great job.

Lucky Group Scrap Company Dubai

Fortune Metals was established in Toronto, Canada, in 1990. This company deals with the scrap metals trading. At this moment, the business has a humongous network of buyers and suppliers around the world. The company has a staff which comprises of highly knowledgeable and expert staff. The aim of Fortune Metals is to provide their customers with excellent quality scrap metal material to the clients. Well, not only this, it is also their aim to meet the time deadlines. Also, the company has highly courteous client servicing team which works hard to meet the needs of their clients. The company obtains metals from several different countries and has a well acclaimed base of loyal suppliers who provide quality products for its customers.

Fortune Metals Inc is now regarded as the top choice in scrap metals for customers and suppliers all over the globe because of the excellent services that it provides to their clients. Apart from this, Fortune Metals Inc is a staunch believer in following all the rules and regulations laid down by the government. The company also follows strict rules for checking the quality standards of their products and uses high technology equipments to confirm the same.

In a world of growing business and competition, there are hardly any companies who follow ethical practices. However, our company is highly concerned environmentally.

So, it believes in practicing a business which propagates the well being of our planet and doesn’t hamper the same.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Aluminium Recycling: A Profitable Phenomenon

In the older days, you would need to open an aluminium can only with a can opener. However, when the pull-on tab was invented, it was a great revolution in the industry. They increased the demand for aluminium packaging on a large scale.

Aluminium is a highly beneficial metal. It is found in abundance in the earth’s crust. The best aspect of it is that this metal is completely recyclable. And it is a known fact that recycling this metal takes only about 5% of the total energy is used in producing new, recycled aluminium. However, extracting the same from the ore not only consumes a lot of energybut also requires a lot of mining work which eventually results inrelease of a lot of hazardous gases.

Recycling aluminium scrap in Dubai has been a really great process that has been generating a lot of interest amongst a lot of people in Dubai. There are a lot of benefits of aluminium recycling and the beverage industry can definitely benefit from the same on a large scale. In fact, aluminium cans are known to get back to their shelves within fifteen days of time.

Lucky Group which is Dubai’s leading scrap metal recycling and manufacturing company has been highly involved in recycling a lot of metals on a large scale. It would be our pleasure to help our customers with any kind of recycling intentions and interests when it comes to not only aluminium but other metals like copper, lead, steel, brass and iron.

Monday 7 April 2014

Metal Recycling in Dubai: Working Towards the Betterment of the Environment

Dubai being one of the leading cities in the world has also seen some of the most enthusiastic companies that promulgate green environment in Dubai. These companies are actively involved in practicing and promoting metal recycling in Dubai.

These safe environment recyclers  are much concerned about the ecology around us.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who having started recycling businesses on a large scale. These businesses focus on making the most out of recycling. The business is much profitable and at the same time, recycling is something the world is becoming more conscious towards. These businesses are ensuring that the use of conventional resources is minimized and the available resources are recycled. The metal recycling companies in Dubai have set up various recycling centres throughout the emirate and are constantly working towards making the people aware towards the benefits of recycling and the need of the same in today’s life. Also, it is such companies that set a perfect example for others in the industry to make sure that their business practices do not harm the environment in any manner.

These companies try to ensure that all the possible recyclable metals are collected and these metals are efficiently recycled to be used as good as new. The recycled metals are then used by manufacturers to produce new products, without the need for extracting the raw materials from the earth’s crust. So, the aluminium cans that we put intotrash are picked up by the recycling companies, flattened and recycled into aluminium sheets which can be used to manufacture the cans again. These companies have excellent technology and equipment to ensure that the whole recycling process is highly efficient. Well, the major aim of these businesses is to avoid the wastage and reduce the usage of conventional resources. So, they have machinery and other technological equipment which gives out a very good output and provide with maximum ecological environment.

Recycling is highly beneficial because it not only helps companies to save a great deal on the production costs, but also promotes a better environment. Mining activities cause a lot of pollution and the release of hazardous gases and recycling metals helps to curb the same. Apart from this, recycling also helps in saving the landfills space; if goods are not recycled, they’ll simply end up in the landfills. Thus, this process has innumerable benefits.

Metal recycling in Dubai is gaining pace and people are becoming more conscious and concerned towards the environment. These safe environment recyclers like Lucky Group are working constantly towards the betterment of the environment through recycling.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

When to Visit a Recycling Centre?

So, all set to actively get into a recycling pattern?
Well, you need to know that there are certain days and seasons in which scrap recycling companies in Dubai, pay you more. So, how do you exactly identify these days? Read on to find out more!

The winter months are not that great for visiting a scrap metal recycling centre in Dubai. This is majorly because the scrap prices are generally low in this season. On the other hand, these centres pay you pretty good prices in the summer season. If you are a construction company or a business, this is especially a good time for you to sell of all the metal scrap that you have collected over the winter.

Also, you should either go to a scrap dealer either in the beginning or towards the end of a month. These are the times scrap dealers encourage higher prices as people look forward to de-cluttering their houses. However, try to visit a recycling centre mid week rather than going on a weekend. These centres are generally crowded on the weekend; you might have to wait for a long time.
Recycling facility dubai
For every individual who is looking forward to recycling scrap materials, it is important that you make a note of the time you are going to a scrap metal company. Well, apart from keeping a track on the seasons and days of the week, it is also advisable to check with the working hours and days of the recycling centre. While it may seem very obvious to do so, it is something many of us forget and later regret an unfruitful trip.

So, gather all the scrap in your house or office and mark your calendar for a recycling date!

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Buy Car Parts from Salvage Yards and Save a Fortune!

It’s a nightmare for a car owner if your car suddenly breaks down. Well, another nightmare is when you realize that the car parts you need for your car to work just fine are going to cost you a bomb. Well, sometimes you might not afford a car part that expensive or you simply don’t intend to spend so much over your vehicle.

Dubai Scrap yards

So, what to do in such times? Here’s when scrap metal yards come to the rescue! Scrap metals dealers in Dubai have a lot of cars and other auto parts. So, these are the best places where you can find car parts for a much cheaper rate.

Some junkyards expect you to take out the car parts you need on your own. Some others have a pretty sophisticated counter wherein you need to simply pay and walk away with your parts. It is thus advisable to call up all the junkyards in and around your locality and find out the rates. Compare all the prices and then go ahead. Also, it is essential to find out if you’ll need to take out the car parts on your own; carry your toolbox if you need to work on the salvaged cars. When you go there, wear something old and comfortable. Chances are that you might get your clothes dirty. So, it is better to wear something you wouldn’t mind spoiling.

Junkyards are excellent sources to get car parts in affordable rates. So, visit your nearest scrap metal trader today and get the required car parts for a really low cost!

Thursday 27 February 2014

Lucky Group’s Recycling Services Are the Best in Dubai

Have you been thinking of recycling your scrap metals? Well, hold on to that thought, and contact Lucky Group, one of the leading metal recycling companies in Dubai. You can simply carry all your scrap to their recycling centers or have it all picked up from your place. Moreover, this process is highly beneficial as you can earn a decent amount of money from this transaction. So, let’s have a look at the kinds of services they offer:

Aluminium Scrap Recycling:

Lucky Group recycled aluminium scrap like plates, wheels, sows, used beverage cans, castings, lithographic sheets, wire, castings and mixed aluminium alloy. This metal is hundred per cent recyclable. Moreover, it retains its original properties even after being recycled.

Copper Recycling:

This company also recycles copper scrap like barley, berry, birch cliff, candy, ingots and insulated cables. Copper is abundantly used all over the world; the demand for this metal is constantly high. Recycling keeps the price of this metal in the global markets stable.

Ferrous Scrap:

Apart from these metals, they also recycle ferrous scrap like shredded steel, bushlings, iron ore, cast iron ingot and tin plates. Recycling of ferrous scrap is important as it saves space in the landfills.

Brass Recycling:

When brass is recycled, it involves recycling gun metal, mix brass, ingots, pipes, radiators and water meters amongst other scrap. Brass is a metal that does not lose out on its original properties no matter how many times it is recycled.

So, next time you think of recycling the junk in your backyard or in your office, make sure you contact Lucky Group! They offer you the best recycling services in Dubai and are working positively towards the betterment of the environment constantly.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Lucky Group - Extended Partnership with Emirates Environmental Group(EEG)

Lucky Group is proud to extend its partnership to the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) for its annual Can Collection Drive on Feb 27, 2014.Lucky Group has been a dedicated contributor to the Drive over the years and believes in its strengthening message for Environmental Sustainability.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Recycling Is a Must for Every Individual

Many companies and organizations are constantly propagating scrap metal recycling in Dubai. It is extremely important that the seriousness of this process is realized. What is more important is that it is executed.

The government along with the help of leading metal recycling companies has placed recycling bins all over the city. These bins are strategically placed in places where a common individual can easily dump the trash they wish to recycle. Some of these places are petrol pumps, gas stations bus stops, grocery stores, etc. All you need to do is carry your scrap and dump it into these bins. Does it still seem like a big task to do? Well, to make things simpler, there are recycling companies which offer you the privilege of having your scrap metals picked up from your home or even your work place.

Recycling Services Dubai

Well, with so many facilities being presented to us, it is important that each one of us takes the initiative to recycle. Start looking out for scrap at your home or work place. See that it is being disposed off in a correct, environmentally responsible manner.  It is also important that you make sure that this scrap is processed correctly and isn’t simply ending up in a garbage heap along with everything else.

It is not only recycling that you should be looking forward to. It is also important to follow reduce and reuse the mantra. Don’t buy something in excess if you are not going to use it. Also, it is advisable to reuse what you can rather than simply throwing them in a rubbish. For recycling, you can take help of the professionals.

Lucky Group is one of the leading companies who are responsible for scrap metal recycling in Dubai, and they are continuously working towards recycling scrap metals effectively.

Monday 3 February 2014

Green Economy in Dubai: Celebrating UAE’s 17th National Environment Day

Celebrating UAE’s 17th National Environment Day on Tuesday, President Sheikh Khalifa was of the opinion that UAE can be an international pioneer in creating a green economy. He said that the major goal of this event was to make the country a world leader in the safety of the environment and energy efficiency.

Sheikh Khalifa also said that, “There is a need for public awareness, along with government effort, to promote production and deployment of renewable energy.” Promoting eco friendly modes of transport is also essential to support this cause; such transport helps in reducing the carbon emissions which are otherwise hazardous to the environment. Also, it is vital that organic farming is also propagated. Apart from this, there has to be an emphasis on preservation of biodiversity and an ecological balance needs to be maintained.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="332"]Recycling Facility in Dubai Image Credit: Mahmood Saberi/Gulf News[/caption]

“Adoption of the green economy is yet another important step towards the UAE Vision 2021.”

Thursday 30 January 2014

Lucky Group is proud to participate as a Gold sponsor at the Middle East Metals Recycling Conference 2014

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Let the curtain rise.

Lucky Group is all set to participate in the Middle East Metals Recycling Conference 2014 as a Gold sponsor. The event will witness both regional and international speakers share their insight on the latest trends in the recycling industry. This occasion will arrive as the result of an amicable partnership between the leading international publisher Recycling Today and Waste & Recycling Middle East.

The event will be taking place from March 2 to March 3 at the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai, UAE.

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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Recycle Things at Your Home With These Simple Tips

With so many people propagating the importance of recycling, it becomes necessary to pace towards it. And what can be better than starting the deed at your own home. Here we provide you with some simple tips for the same.

Recycling at Home    
  1. Newspapers - Keep the newspapers in a separate bin. The newspapers that you get everyday play a very important role in recycling. You can collect the newspapers everyday in a separate bin and then give it to the recycling company.

  2. Magazines and pamphlets – Just as with newspapers, magazines and pamphlets can be collected in a separate bin and recycled as well.

  3. Plastic food cartons – Food cartons are used by one and all at some point of time. You will be happy to hear that they are recyclable as well. Therefore, you just need to collect them separately and find out the recycling centers which accept them.

  4. Plastic bottles - Divide your trash into 2 compartments.  Let one compartment be for throwing away thrash and the other compartment for throwing away bottles. In this way, you can collect the plastic bottles and use them for recycling. Plastic bottles are composed of PET plastic that’s regarded an important recyclable material.

  5. Plastic bags – Plastic bags that you get from grocery stores are made up of high density polyethylene, that’s a recyclable material as well. You can simply throw away the plastic bags outside the grocery stores which are then passed onto recycling centers.

  6. Your old computer – Instead of throwing away your old computer, you can give it to some poor kid who can use the computer just for the basics.

  7. Glass - Glass items such as mirrors, bottles and others should be kept separately. The fluorescent light bulbs can also be given for recycling at a company.
    waste recycling company

  8. Aluminum food cans – Aluminum Cans are very valuable as recyclable materials. Ask the local recycling centers in Dubai to understand the mode of crushing them. The same holds true for aluminum foils as well as they can be recycled for the manufacture of electronic items.
In this way, recycling begins at home. So take an oath today and start recycling stuff!