Friday 9 May 2014

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with Recycling

Recycling may be safe for the environment, but it is also a lucrative and business opportunity. Potentially recyclable items include not only fabrics, metals, electronics, plastics, papers, bottles, but also glasses, organics, woods, industrial materials such as construction and demolition debris, fly ash, concrete, and asphalt.

Recycling as a job opportunity includes a number of processes. It is very hierarchical and includes a variety of processes. Recycling as an industry includes not merely a business opportunity, but it is likewise a societal activity that involves serving society. It is what might some call as an activity for societal good.

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A plethora of industries would be covered under recycling, which includes paper industry, plastic industry, Metals and nonmetallic, chemical wastes. Recycling of metals is a very productive and profit making businesses as the price of metals are always increasing. Legislation is required to be passed so that recycling law becomes more stringent.

Conglomerates and large establishments can undertake a social agenda in their local area – improving the environment; the local economy; and society. This can be done through several local recycling companies. These are 'Green Solutions' Corporate can utilize emerging technologies, social will power and Entrepreneurial spirit to come up with solutions for the environment and help with day to day chores like cleaning the roads, planting trees and taking such similar initiatives to achieve an equilibrium in the environment and help attain sustainability.

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In concert with the government; corporations can set targets in recycling and achieving their green initiative goals. On an educational level educational establishments like schools and universities can create consciousness about recycling and reusing. There are some famous campaigns like “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”.

Things which usually are recycled include Plastic bottles, batteries, Glass bottles, Electronics. A typical waste bin would consist of organics, paper, metal and glass and even some junk. So we understand that it is not only organic rather it is even paper and other fabrics which can recycle.

While recycling comes with its own challenges it is a good form of CSR for scrap metal recycling companies to be a part of.

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