Wednesday 22 December 2010

Metal provided by Lucky Group is of Best Quality

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The demand for metal is always rising as there is need for better infrastructure. Every country aims at having the best infrastructure and for that metal of good quality is very essential. You cannot build strong bridges with degrading quality of metals. Not only bridges but every infrastructure needs metal which meets the higher level of quality standard.

The metal which is used in majority for building various constructions is stainless steel. Apart from stainless steel, copper and aluminum are the metals which have very high demand. There are very limited suppliers of metal and they also fail to deliver on time. Big projects like building bridges, roads etc. need metals in large amount and also of best quality. Lucky Group is one company who provides best quality metal that to on time. Whatever the amount is needed you are provided with that amount. Lucky Group never compromises with the quality and quantity. Lucky Group is well reputed company in the metal industry and it has wide range of loyal customers all over the globe.

Lucky Group has three companies Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals. They are known for providing excellent quality products to their customers. Lucky Recycling has developed invaluable expertise in non-ferrous and ferrous scrap recycling whereas Lucky Alloys is the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. Fortune Metals situated in Canada is the top choice in scrap metals for the customers and suppliers all over the globe. Lucky Group sees to it that the goods are delivered to client on time and the desired amount is delivered.

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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Best Ferrous Metals at Lucky Group

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Metals are distinguished into two types as ferrous and non- ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those metals which contain some amount of iron-ore and also other metals or their elements. It is not always that the suppliers who deal in ferrous metals often have high quality level metal. Products with bad quality metals are prone to bad usability results.

Lucky Group is a well known company in who deals in ferrous scrap. It has its name not only in Dubai but all over the globe. Lucky Group obtains ferrous scrap metals from markets in Dubai and Africa. Before these metals are exported to other countries, the experts at Lucky Group inspect the metals and then they are packed as per the international standards. Lucky Group is known for having quality standards. Lucky Group is well equipped with latest technology so that they can manage huge quantity of re-roll able and heavy melting scrap. Lucky Group is ever ready to deliver any type of quality and quantity ferrous metals to its clients.

Lucky Group is known for its commitment, the metals ordered by the clients are delivered on time. Lucky Group has two flagship companies namely Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and an associate company named Fortune Metals.  All these companies are experiencing success in the global market. Lucky Recycling and Lucky Alloys are based in Dubai whereas Fortune is situated in Canada.

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Wednesday 8 December 2010

Lucky Group Recognized over the Globe

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Lucky Group is a well recognized company and has its name in international market. The company is known for scrap metal recycling and as the best aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. Lucky Recycling and Lucky Alloys are the flagship companies of Lucky Group based in Dubai, whereas Fortune Metals an associate company of Lucky group is situated in Canada. It is the top choice in scrap metals all over the globe.

Lucky Group is known for participating in various events. The company participates in those events which support environment safety. Lucky Group is a proud member of BIR and it holds Gold Membership Card of this organization. Lucky Recycling is one of the dignified companies to win the recognition from British Safety Council. Lucky Group has won recognition from ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 2002. Lucky Recycling has been recognized by London Metal Exchange, world’s leading non-ferrous metal market. Lucky Group is known for protecting the environment by recycling scrap metals, it’s been recognized by Dubai Quality Group. Lucky group has been awarded by Emirates Environmental Group. There are many more organizations like CMRA, BMR from whom Lucky group has won the recognition.

Lucky Group is known for providing its best service in UAE. Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals have encouraged many other companies in UAE and around UAE to come up with scrap metal recycling.

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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Health is Wealth

Lucky Group is one of the most renowned companies all over the globe. The company is very particular about its quality of the products, likewise it is also particular about the health and safety of the employees. It follows some strict rules and regulations pertaining to the health and safety of the employees like:

1. It gives detailed training, information and instructions about the safety measures to its employees.

2. Keeping in mind the standard and reputation of the company proper infrastructure in terms of cleanliness, accommodation, pollution and work environment is given to the employees.

3. The company has periodical updates of health and safety policies, operational procedures   and also of management process.

4. The most important factor of health and safety looked at Lucky Group is the accidental free environment.

Lucky Group has experienced Health and Safety officers who take care of their employees. There is a timely Health and Safety check done by HR’s and HSE managers. They see to it that whether the measures are followed properly and well executed on time.

Lucky Group’s companies; Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals tries to reduce pollution by using sustainable resources. These companies are known for taking environmental safety measures by giving the best service to the customers.

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