Wednesday 1 December 2010

Health is Wealth

Lucky Group is one of the most renowned companies all over the globe. The company is very particular about its quality of the products, likewise it is also particular about the health and safety of the employees. It follows some strict rules and regulations pertaining to the health and safety of the employees like:

1. It gives detailed training, information and instructions about the safety measures to its employees.

2. Keeping in mind the standard and reputation of the company proper infrastructure in terms of cleanliness, accommodation, pollution and work environment is given to the employees.

3. The company has periodical updates of health and safety policies, operational procedures   and also of management process.

4. The most important factor of health and safety looked at Lucky Group is the accidental free environment.

Lucky Group has experienced Health and Safety officers who take care of their employees. There is a timely Health and Safety check done by HR’s and HSE managers. They see to it that whether the measures are followed properly and well executed on time.

Lucky Group’s companies; Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals tries to reduce pollution by using sustainable resources. These companies are known for taking environmental safety measures by giving the best service to the customers.

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