Saturday, 7 December 2019


“Recycling is a part of the solution to stop materials theft”

Scrap metals theft is one of the most common crimes in the scrap metal industry. Such metals are usually stolen from sites such as vacant buildings or on-going project sites. Then the scrap metals are offered to various scrap dealers or metal recycling industries.

Although local government bodies are working effectively to crack down such criminal activities but there are additional measures through which we can protect ourselves and our business activities to reduce thefts.  Trade activities in Dubai scrap trading has taken following major steps to combat scrap metal thefts:

Photo Reference: Lucky Group archives 
Reliable Vendor: Choosing a right vendor and validating its reputation in the market plays a key role in every scrap metals trading business. Verify that the company really exists by; visiting their office & facility and verify they must carry a valid business license.

Source of Material: It is very important to check the actual source of material before buying any material. This can be verified by supporting documents of the transaction. 

Valid Documents: In additional to the standard commercial documents, it is necessary to also obtain the valid ID card of driver, driving license and vehicle registration and keep records for the same.

Security: Install CCTV surveillance to monitor daily activities.

Scrap Metals Storage: Keep all scrap metals storage areas closed or locked at the end of each day.

Restricted Area: Unauthorized persons must be restricted to access your facility.

Third party & calibrated weigh scale: Keep transparency between buyer & seller it is better to do third party weight in order to cross check the reliability of Weigh Bridge & its calibration.

Time Management: Deliveries & loading must be scheduled within day time and in the presence one of company’s representative.

Insurance: Protect your facility & metal scrap through all required insurances. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Develop your skills through Scrap Art

Scrap metals is not only the thing which can be used for corporate business strategies but can be used by professionals or an art lovers.
There are some art materials that are fairly challenging to find out but Metal recycling companies in Dubai which has vast variety of metals availability used by an artist to showcase their creativity which we usually see in home decoration, jewellery, frames, sculptors, furniture accessories and much more.

“Transform your imagination in Scrap Art.”

Transform the scrap and highlight your creativity to an aesthetic world, will help you to improve the self-motivation.  Also scrap but art from scrap metals is unique idea to educate the local population the value of scrap metals and its utilization.
Some of those platforms like Lucky Recycling offer variety of scrap metals to discover your talent globally.

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Scrap Metals & its Handling

Scrap metals in general, are divided into two basic categories ferrous and nonferrous. Ferrous scrap is metal that contains iron, while nonferrous metals are metals that do not contain iron.  As the buyers always look for receiving processed scrap metals through reliable sources, Fortune metals established a satisfied trade network globally.

To provide refined scrap to end-users, Scrap metals trading required guidelines for quality scrap handling methods which will also help in protecting the employees from any surprising events at work place.

There are many ways to keep Scrap metals trading safer but below 3 simple useful tips will help you in handling scrap metals efficiently;
1. Proper training of employees and inspect resources used in handling any scrap
2. Use of PPE for cutting or breaking any scrap 
3. Proper distance for manual loading or unloading any scrap 

scrap recycling in dubai


scrap recycling in dubai

Life cycle of Scrap metals trading revolves around the trade of refined metal scrap.
Metal recycling companies in Dubai have to ensure better services, maintain good relationships, keep the transparency and win the business.  Also it’s important to make sure the scrap you’re dealing with is clean. Any sort of impurities attached with your metal scrap will also affect your per-ton rate and will reduce your margins. 
Handle the scrap revenue stream with effective scrap management system;
Select a reliable vendor.
Safety first no matter what type of material you are searching for.
Collect scrap metals free from non-metallic waste.
Test and sort every type of metals you collect, label it and place as per their shipment plan.
Maintain the inventory
Handle metals free from environmentally unfavorable conditions.

Achieve the highest return by monitoring the scrap metals trends.

Friday, 1 November 2019

Raising scrap value through mill-direct pricing

Raising scrap value through mill-direct pricing

If a metal mill stands in proximity to a scrap recycler, then they inherently develop a strong bond as they operate and grow together. Besides, they also learn the operation procedure of their counterpart to yield more efficiency. And, by doing this, they often build up a strong relationship that benefits both their businesses. This bond is also profitable for the dealer who sells scrap material in that particular area. Let's delve a bit deeper to check out how.

If you want to sell a stack of scrap in the open market, then the scrap recycler will give you the final quote, depending on the type of scrap, the service it will provide, and the overall transportation cost of your scrap. But, a recycler with an adjacent mill knows about the specific demand of that particular mill. So, they are well aware of the quality of scraps they are looking for, the proper assessment, and the efficient sorting process.

Selling your scraps to this kind of recycler has many benefits. It will have meagre transportation cost as the mill is located nearby leading to a boost in the final price of your scrap. Besides, a scrap recycling broker can also negotiate the final price of the scrap with the mill confidently, as they have vast experiences of operating businesses together.

By proper sorting and low-cost transportation, the scrap recycler actually enhances the final value of your scrap. Besides, it is beneficial for the mill itself as it gets the materials which it needs. The seller and the recycler both will earn more money compared to the earning that they can get by selling scarps in the open market.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Metal Recycling Facts

Recycling of metals is being encouraged worldwide for ensuring sustainability and
minimizing wastage. It is not just industrial metals but also household metals that are highly
suitable for efficient recycling. Here are some facts related to the recycling of metals.

Most recycled metal

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in North America. More than 69 percent of steel is
recycled there. In a year over 80 million tons of steel are recycled. Steel is a metal which can
be recycled repeatedly without deterioration of its strength.

Saving energy with metal recycling

Recycling aluminium takes around 5% of the energy that is required in its virgin production.
Since aluminium takes as long as 200 years to break down and decompose, it can be recycled
over and over again with no loss of properties Moreover, the process of aluminium recycling
is far less time consuming and thus, energy saving.

Benefiting the economy through metal recycling

Recycling scrap metal is a significant industry in countries like the USA, where it earned a
total revenue of $29 billion in 2018-19 and employs around 24,698 people
reports/technology/clean-technologies/scrap-metal-recycling.html). The recycling industry of
the US is worth $117 billion, and it recycles over 130 million tons of scrap metals annually

Lowering carbon emission by metal recycling

Production of metal is a major contributing factor towards increasing carbon emission in the
atmosphere. As recycling of metals consumes less energy, it emits less carbon to the air and
thus helps reduce global warming.

Conserving resources for future

Metal recycling allows more resource availability for future generation. When a ton of steel is
recycled, it saves 2500 pounds of iron ore, 120 pounds of limestone and 1400 pounds of coal

Monday, 30 September 2019

Dos and Don'ts of Metal Recycling

Scrapping metal is a good business idea, which is quite remunerative and at the same time supportive of environmental sustainability as the scraps are used for recycling of metals. However, to ensure the effectiveness of the process, one needs to take some precautions and follow a few dos and don’ts.

The dos

Scraps need to be separated

Scraps come with different materials which require different treatments during recycling. Hence, it is crucial to separate the contents of the scraps into various categories before starting the process.
Also, when one goes to sell scrap, it is essential to sort the contents before going to the buyer; as otherwise, there is not only wastage of time but also the possibility of getting incorrect value for the scrap material.

Choose the right technique and tools

As every metal comes with their distinct physical and chemical properties, selection of the correct recycling process and tools is very important.

Take help from experts

It is always a good move to seek expert advice on complex processes like metal recycling. There are companies who offer online advice also, through chats with experts.

The don’ts

Try not to misidentify the scrap

Identifying the right type of metal in the scrap is often tricky. Customers often bring scraps to a recycling facility thinking that to be a particular material, which when examined turns out to be different. Hence both the sellers and buyers at recycling facilities need to be careful and knowledgeable about the materials constituting the scrap.

Choose the scrap metal recycling facility wisely

Collection/selling of scrap metals from scrapyard needs extra caution because of price, payment and quality considerations. Scraps must always be bought from or sold at scrapyards that are well-reputed for honest dealings in terms of pricing, payment, and weight measurements.

To sum up, the quality of recycled metals will definitely depend on the quality of the materials of the scrap, proper identification of its contents and the efficiency of the recycling facility.