Monday, 15 May 2017

Scrap Metal Recycling Tips: Clearing the Snow

It snows quite often in many places. It’s a beautiful thing but can hinder the business of scrap metal dealers and scrap metal collectors who find it hard to locate junk when it is obscured in layers of snow. We have some effective tips to tackle in such instances. Read on.

Use the time to plan for greater profits

You can use this time to draft a list of clients or scrap yards you would want to take your scrap metals to over a period of 6 months, a year or more. Set timelines and quantity of scrap metals to be collected over a period of time. In this way you will be able to collect more scrap metals waving off any losses you may face due to snow because of planning; therefore earning more. Follow your plan sincerely and you will be benefitted handsomely.

Clear the liabilities

This is the time when you can clear all your pending liabilities in the form of bills thus avoiding bad tidings in future. You wouldn’t want to see a heftily charged credit card bill or unpaid tax form lying near your doorway to spoil your mood when the snow is gone!

Steer clear of indoor scrap

When it snows outside and seems difficult to go scrap collecting, it’s time to make your home or office scrap free. You will find pieces of unused aluminium wires, cans or metal parts which you can recycle at any Scrap Metal Recycling Company for good money.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Scrap Metal Recycling: Unused Cans

Cans are one of the most frequently generated junk; a large part of which goes into the landfills. However, what many of us fail to consider is that they carry an economic value  when recycled at a scrap metal yard. Read on to know how you can gain from this lump of scrap metal by following few simple tips.

Supplying the cans  to the scrap yard:

Before you start supplying  the cans to the scrap yard, here are few things you want to make sure are taken care  to avoid any kind of trouble:

  • Scrap metal companies or yards usually do not accept cans that contain  food/liquid particles or any other content. Hence, it is important to wash and clean the cans properly.
  • Crushing the cans might lead to rejection or earnings cut by the scrap metal recycling company. So, it is better you don’t crush the cans if you want to get good money in return. It is because many scrap yards want to see the cans as empty so that they can check for any litter or contamination inside.
  • Different metal types command a different price. So you will get a better value  if you separate steel cans from aluminium cans.
Tip- Use a magnet to separate steel  cans from aluminium  cans.

For any inquiries, contact our scrap metal recycling team in Dubai.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Effective Tips for Lifting and Transporting Heavy Scrap Metals

Scrap metals recycling can be efficiently managed with the right resources and methodology. Please read on to know all of them below:

Do’s and don’ts: while lifting scrap metals

Don’t bend to pick up the metal scrap in a manner that would put a strain on your lower back  and muscles. Always lift while bending your knees to prevent any injuries of the back.

Share your load with another individual/s. Don’t force yourself to carry weight that is beyond your endurance. Be comfortable.

Tip – If you don’t find a helping hand, use a dolly to lift heavy objects.

Do’s and don’ts: while manoeuvring scrap metals | Scrap Metals Doha

Identify and label the oversized loads. The objective here is to alert other drivers to steer clear and keep a distance.

Tip – It is recommended  to have a friend or a colleague follow behind you in case you are transporting a huge load of scrap metal.

Don’t use poor quality materials. Use high-quality cargo nets, tarps, and ratchet straps for effective tie downs and transportation. You can get these at any local automotive shops.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Scrap Metal Recycling: Moving Tips

Scrap metals has become one of the most  economical sources of value added business. The seller should be aware of the right places where they can procure scrap metals in bulk and earn its value. However, scrap metals must be handled in a safe manner. Here are some tips one would want to go through before getting into the metal business.

Don’t hurt yourself

Scrap metals collecting can be an interesting business activity  but can get  risky too. You would  agree that scrap metals are usually sharp on the ends. Hence, it is important to take the necessary precautions while handing the metals. First, don’t  move your hands quickly through the lot to find the scrap metals. It can hurt and cause unnecessary injuries thus hindering your scrap metals activity.

Know your limits

Also have a sense of how much weight you can handle. Otherwise, incorrect handling of scrap metal can also lead to pain in the back, spine and injury. This happens when you lift the weight as you carry while being in improper or incorrect postures. These are small things but very important to be able to make the most, right from finding the Fortune Metal to recycling it.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Useful Tips To Buy Used Automobile Components

Owning your first car also means owning a lot of responsibilities in terms of proper maintenance, quick repair and careful driving. It’s one of the most expensive assets for most people, so when it comes to replacing parts of your car, you will want to ensure nothing goes wrong. Here are some useful tips to help you get the right used auto components.

1 .Do your research

There’s a chance you may get overwhelmed with so many options and therefore take the wrong decision in haste. Hence, take your time, do your research before purchasing a used part from anyone.

Tip – Carry along the part that needs replacement. This will ensure you get the right component. 

2. When buying from metal scrap companies

You can also buy used parts from metal scrap recycling companies, but you need to ensure that the company has the component you need. Keep a tab on shady or negative comments or experiences from customers as you would not want to do business with them.

3. Ensure you get reimbursed

Even if there is no return policy in case the part proves to be fragile, make sure the company at least has an exchange policy to replace the faulty part. Go through the auto part dealer’s return policy carefully and clear the slightest doubts as you do not want to be disappointed or swindled later for any reason.

Looking for Metal Recycling Companies in Dubai? Contact us; we will give you the right quote for your metal scrap.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How To Get The Right Estimates Of Scrap Metal Rates?

Scrap metal prices are largely influenced by the metal types they belong to. Silver, aluminum and other such valuable metal which are used by many industries on a commercial basis, enjoy a price hike on a regular basis. Hence, dealing with aluminum scrap, silver scrap or other such precious metal scraps has become a lucrative business. However, there are certain things you should know.

How to determine scrap metal rates?

The first thing you need to know is which metal type you’re dealing with. Scrap metal recycling centres handle various kinds of metals like steel, copper and aluminum and more. Look for signs like 925, 14k or 18k to detect a metal’s type and purity level.

Moreover, keep track of daily spot prices to know how much you should get for your scrap metal pile as they are closely aligned with the original metal prices. You can keep yourself updated using various online websites.

Important tips – 

  • Know the spot rate and weight of the metal scrap and multiply them both. It will help you rightly estimate the price of metal scrap.
  • Always make a point to learn about the latest international scrap metal rates using the internet. It will help you to narrow down on scrap metal recycling centres that offer fair prices, thus enabling you select the right dealer or company. 

Conclusion | Scrap metals Doha

Handling scrap metals might injure you as they can be pointed, rugged and sharp. It is therefore important to take precautions when extracting and managing them. 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Recycle Your Scrap Metals with Lucky Group – Efficient & Profitable

Lucky Group has been in the metal recycling business for more than four decades. It continues to provide the best metal recycling solutions. Suppliers get the best rates for their  scrap metals. Moreover, Lucky Group continues to progress and provide environmental sustainable recycling solutions in Dubai.

Get best value deal

Individuals and industries trust Lucky Group for the best value in return for recycling their scrap metals in Dubai. For your convenience, our locally and family-owned business also processes and trades the metals.

Enjoy customised solutions 

Whether your metal recycling needs is a one-time cleanout or a continuous process, expect us to give you the best monetary value for your scrap metals.

Become a part of the go green generation 

Non-biodegradable metals like copper when dumped in land-fills affect the land’s fertility and its surrounding environment negatively. You can choose to go green and recycle your scrap in an eco-friendly way. Moreover, also get best rates for your scrap.

Your trust is never compromised 

Our experienced professionals will develop an efficient plan that suits your metal scrap recycling needs.

For individual as well as commercial needs, our expert consultants are ready to meet and assist you in determining the suitable course of action based on your consumption and production schedule.

Contact us now for the best rates in the industry.

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