Thursday 28 October 2021

How Many Times Can Scrap Metals be Recycled?


The years 2020-2021 tackled a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted across the globe. With global power leaders under lockdown the world saw 15% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) globally.

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( The importance of recycling industries and technologies have been especially highlighted during these times, as it is one of the crucial steps in realizing climate goals. Mining ores for virgin metal extraction not only uses a lot of resources, but also contributes to the emissions.

Though metal recycling, we are able to tackle predicament of using the already-depleting resources while contributing towards greener planet by reducing environmental hazards like habitat destruction, sinkhole formation, soil and groundwater pollution, surface water contamination, and hazardous by-products.

We know metals can be recycled, but how many times can they be recycled for further use? Let’s find out in this article. Metals can be recycled infinite times to be used according to your desirability without altering its chemical composition or its usability.

Metal scraps are broadly classified in two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. As the name suggests, ferrous metals are combinations of iron and carbon. Non-ferrous metals include aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, and tin. Steel is one of the most recycled metals in the world – around 85% of the steel is recycled, aiding in circular economy efforts. (,first%20useful%20life%2C%20is%20recycledSteel trader in UAE can attest to this fact as the country uses huge amounts of steel. (


Even though metals can be recycled over and over again, and they provide financial benefits along with environmental imperative, the current metal recycling rate stands at 34%. ( This figure is not acceptable. The challenge lies with respect how to recapture more scrap metal for recycling. Recycling companies in UAE must not only stress on spreading awareness about the positives of metal recycling, but it is also important to apply impetus on advancements and recycling technologies being made and inculcating them in all scales of recycling.

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