Monday, 27 August 2018

Top 3 Metals to Sell to Scrapyards

Tens of Millions of tons of metals reach the scrap metal industry every year to be recycled. Recycling metals are important as it not only reduces the wastage that ends up in a landfill but also saves the environment. Whether you are looking for selling the scrap metal or just want to get rid of the metal parts, here are top 3 metals to sell to the metal recycling companies.


Aluminum is the most common metal we use in our day to day lives. It is found in beverage cans, household appliances, and automobile parts and also in aluminum wires that are found in a variety of products. A clean aluminum wire pays more than an insulated one.


Steel is extensively used in a variety of applications and is molded and welded into various parts. There are four primary types of steel- carbon, stainless, alloy and tool. Carbon and iron is found in most of the steel and it has a number of grades. Stainless steel is another common type of steel that can be sent for recycling.


Copper is a good conductor of electricity and is largely used in electrical wiring. Again, the insulated wires yield less cash compared to the clean ones. Copper tubes are a common component of plumbing. Scrapyards offer more price for copper compared to many other metals as recycling it requires much less energy than producing copper from its ore.

Metal recycling helps in preserving the natural resources. Contact Lucky group to recycle all the metal parts that you want to discard and sell. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

Metal Recycling Process

Recycling is protecting the environment and the need for recycling has been stressed more than ever. Metal recycling involves certain steps for them to become viable raw materials again.


The first step is the collection of scrap metals. Millions of tons of scrap metal reach the industry. These can include tin cans, old appliances, and metallic industrial wastes. All the scrap is collected and sent for sorting in order to segregate the metal types.


All the items that have been collected need to be sorted based on their chemical compositions, grades, and quality. While sorting, an important factor to be considered is separating recyclable items ones that are highly contaminated. For the recycled metal to be free of impurities, its base material also needs to be in good condition.

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The next step is to place the scrap metal in a machine where it is compressed to be able to maximize space and reduce melting loss. This results in composite blocks (or bales) of metal.


After processing, some of the metal is shredded cut into thin pieces. Steel items are cut into small blocks. Small sizes of blocks are easier for melting.


The raw materials are then placed on a furnace for melting. The molten liquid is purified using various methods. It is then cooled and sent to the mills to be converted into reusable products.