Sunday 7 February 2010

Where Should Drained Batteries Go?

An average household uses 21 batteries a year. Only 2% or less of all the batteries used are recycled.

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You might often see a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol on battery packs. Goods are marked with this symbol to show that they were produced after 13th August 2005, and should be disposed of separately from normal household waste so that they can be recycled. Thus the best thing to do when it comes to safely disposing battery packs is to recycle them at Dubai scrap yards. At our metal recycling company all kinds of batteries wet or dry can be recycled.

Why recycle batteries?

Releasing batteries carelessly into the environment is risky as batteries contain different kinds of heavy metals. The problem arises when these heavy metals are leaked out of the battery packaging and into the soil or the air. This also leads to water pollution. When our ponds, rivers and seas hold such toxic waste, they automatically pose a threat to the invertebrates living in the water. Thus human beings can be harmed through the soil, the air and the water when toxic elements are released into it.

Batteries contain all kinds of metals that can be reused by manufacturers. They contain lead, zinc, plastic, nickel, hydrogen, cadmium, iron nickel, mercury, etc. which can be reused and reprocessed in many ways. Better recycle and reuse than let products like these affect the environment. Lucky Recycling invests in drained batteries. They are handled well at our fully equipped operational recycling facilities. Visit us at

Rubber Tire BAGS?

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The 2000’s have brought many surprises to us all. Some of us may just choose to be surprised by the miracle wonders done by others, while some others are the ones who come up with the surprises. On a similar note, young entrepreneurs these years have come up with the wildest ways to make money. But their ways to earn can really surprise and change the world sometimes. Take a look at a company called Totally Tubular Design for instance.

This company headed by Lauren and Scott Junker is actually dedicated at preserving the planet. Their business is all about creating something out of nothing. They have been coming up with bags and accessories in different designs, made of recycled bicycle tires and tubes... How many of us ever thought of making such great use of rubber tube scrap in Dubai?

Well if you really want to help save the environment you really need a strong desire to help it. You need not become a manufacturer but you can still help by creating demand for those goods that can save the earth. You can then go ahead and recycle them at your local Dubai scrap yard. Recycling cans for aluminum scrap in Dubai is one of the easiest ways to contribute towards a better environment. Once you do your bit, metal recycling companies like Lucky Group in Dubai will handle the rest. The recycled material is processed at our facilities and handed over to be reused by responsible manufacturers allover the world. For more information, visit

Thursday 4 February 2010

Splendid Hotels Increase DSF Excitement

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The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the best experiences in the world. Nobody can deny this. Not even those who aren’t shopaholics. That is because Dubai has all kinds of entertainment and people find their fancies in the form of beautiful beaches, mouth-watering food and heavenly hotels in Dubai.

Hotels here contribute to the country’s economic growth as well as make events like the DSF and DSS successful in no time. But what are the factors that are responsible for the survival of splendid architecture? The construction industry, interior designers, architects, metal recycling companies in Dubai make its dreams come true.

The Burj al Arab is made up of a lot of glass and every other metal available.

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But the Burj Dubai is mostly famous for its aluminum exterior. The total weight of aluminum scrap in Dubai that was used on this stupendous piece of work is equivalent to that of five A380 aircrafts. The total length of stainless steel bull nose fins is 293 times the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The 15,500 sq m of embossed stainless steel used can cover 34 National Basketball Association specified basketball courts. That takes care of a huge amount of stainless steel scrap in Dubai. ( Basically, Dubai wouldn’t have been what it is today without the availability of recycled and raw materials.

Lucky Group also supplies aluminum and stainless steel scrap to construction and other industries all around the world. For details, visit:

Reuse and recycle at DSF 2010

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The Dubai Shopping Festival is a huge shopping experience for one and all. It is the time for fun and the time to be carefree. People from around the globe flock to Dubai during this time leaving their ordeals. They making it a point to have an entire vacation based on shopping and entertainment. But in our excitement, we often forget how we might destroy the environment by creating high amounts of waste and then being least bothered about recycling the same.

Retailers are taking care to make maximum use of reusable materials in the form bags, plates, cups, stalls, banners, hoardings, cans, tissues, food, cloth, etc. Therefore, this DSF is definitely concerned about making a conscious effort to reuse and recycle all kinds of materials including metals. They are making sure that everything is collected in the right bins and forwarded to be recycled at the various metal scrap companies in Dubai. There are so many metal recycling companies in Dubai for this purpose that participate in the promotion of recycling copper scrap, rubber tube scrap, aluminum and even stainless steel scrap metals in Dubai.

But reusing and recycling items is possible only when the residents and visitors of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2010 decide to co – operate. Lucky Recycling has also taken the initiative to create awareness about the various scrap metal recycling programmes in Dubai. But it is up to us to participate in these programmes for a cleaner and greener environment.