Thursday 4 February 2010

Reuse and recycle at DSF 2010

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The Dubai Shopping Festival is a huge shopping experience for one and all. It is the time for fun and the time to be carefree. People from around the globe flock to Dubai during this time leaving their ordeals. They making it a point to have an entire vacation based on shopping and entertainment. But in our excitement, we often forget how we might destroy the environment by creating high amounts of waste and then being least bothered about recycling the same.

Retailers are taking care to make maximum use of reusable materials in the form bags, plates, cups, stalls, banners, hoardings, cans, tissues, food, cloth, etc. Therefore, this DSF is definitely concerned about making a conscious effort to reuse and recycle all kinds of materials including metals. They are making sure that everything is collected in the right bins and forwarded to be recycled at the various metal scrap companies in Dubai. There are so many metal recycling companies in Dubai for this purpose that participate in the promotion of recycling copper scrap, rubber tube scrap, aluminum and even stainless steel scrap metals in Dubai.

But reusing and recycling items is possible only when the residents and visitors of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2010 decide to co – operate. Lucky Recycling has also taken the initiative to create awareness about the various scrap metal recycling programmes in Dubai. But it is up to us to participate in these programmes for a cleaner and greener environment.

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