Sunday 7 February 2010

Rubber Tire BAGS?

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The 2000’s have brought many surprises to us all. Some of us may just choose to be surprised by the miracle wonders done by others, while some others are the ones who come up with the surprises. On a similar note, young entrepreneurs these years have come up with the wildest ways to make money. But their ways to earn can really surprise and change the world sometimes. Take a look at a company called Totally Tubular Design for instance.

This company headed by Lauren and Scott Junker is actually dedicated at preserving the planet. Their business is all about creating something out of nothing. They have been coming up with bags and accessories in different designs, made of recycled bicycle tires and tubes... How many of us ever thought of making such great use of rubber tube scrap in Dubai?

Well if you really want to help save the environment you really need a strong desire to help it. You need not become a manufacturer but you can still help by creating demand for those goods that can save the earth. You can then go ahead and recycle them at your local Dubai scrap yard. Recycling cans for aluminum scrap in Dubai is one of the easiest ways to contribute towards a better environment. Once you do your bit, metal recycling companies like Lucky Group in Dubai will handle the rest. The recycled material is processed at our facilities and handed over to be reused by responsible manufacturers allover the world. For more information, visit

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