Tuesday 24 July 2012

Need some relief from those Rising Electricity Bills in Dubai?

Living in Dubai has never been easy. A jewel of the Middle East, it offers its citizens the best of the best. A great place to bring up children and lead a fruitful life, that’s balanced between work and society; Dubai offers a lot to its residents.

But there is one thing that the residents of Dubai have been unhappy with and those are the utility bills. The electricity bills only keep on rising and it is not that DEWA is after everyone’s stack of greens; but just that it is getting rather expensive to provide electricity to the city. There is no way out for residents and commercial establishments alike — you either pay or live in darkness. The weather of the Middle East is not very forgiving either.

copper scrap from Dubai’s scrap yards

There is however one simple way to reduce your energy consumption and that is switching to newer appliances. Newer appliances save a lot when it comes to your power bills by making efficient use of electricity. This happens thanks to the quality copper components that are used in newer appliances leading to lesser wastage while delivering more power. It is wise to buy something new because newer appliances are always built to be more energy efficient. Older appliances will always consume a lot more. Be it a refrigerator or a boiler, newer is always better. Even when it comes to computers, newer processors are designed to consume a lot less electricity while delivering more power.

But don’t dispose that old boiler away in the trash just yet! Once in the trash, these appliances end up at landfills and incinerators where they are either burned or dumped, leading to polluting ground water or the air deteriorating the quality of any one of the two.

Quality copper components come from quality copper scrap from Dubai’s scrap yards and virgin copper from the mines. Scrap which is recovered from older appliances are modified and processed into better quality raw materials for manufacturing newer and greener products. This apart from saving money for manufacturers and delivering greener products at the consumer end also helps save the environment. Recycling copper and other metals from appliances although being a tough job, helps reduce the need for mining and helps manufacturers and brands deliver greener products that have been made from recycled metals.

Modern appliance centres today will even take your older appliances and offer discounts on newer ones encouraging recycling and saving them from reaching the landfills. So what are you waiting for? Take your appliances to your nearest appliance centre and replace them with new ones and see your electricity bills drop!

Recycle your old PC - Don’t trash it!

Personal computers have come a long way. From the good old 486 to the latest and greatest in quad-core technology; PC’s have only gotten more and more powerful over time. What’s shocking though is that although there is such a great emphasis by companies and manufacturers to deliver better computing power in the hands of the common man, nothing much has been done when it comes to creating a cosy retirement home for those old systems. What we are talking about here are those old or older systems that have broken down after extended use and have for long stopped serving their primary purpose.

Statistics show that about 50 million tonnes of old electronics are dumped at landfills worldwide on a daily basis; which means that not only are those aged systems containing toxic materials entering the lot, but also recent systems which are probably a decade old. A typical piece of electronic equipment — especially one like a PC with many circuit boards — may contain up to 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) of lead, along with lower levels of mercury, arsenic, cadmium, beryllium and other toxic chemicals. These elements are all toxic at varying exposure levels.

Technology is pacing ahead these days with newer, faster and more power efficient computing systems helping deliver more in a shorter span of time. Although these newer systems are more efficient, they also shorten the buying cycle on the consumer end. Some companies do have a recycling plan set in place, where they would gladly accept the old system and send them in for recycling rather than letting the customer trash them in the garbage.

recycling motherboard components copper scrap in Dubai. Scrap metal businesses in Dubai

A lot of parts in a PC can be reused and researchers are working hard to make the process of recycling motherboard components simpler. Heat sinks from motherboards and casings are all made of aluminium which can contribute as aluminium scrap in Dubai. Wires can be stripped with a wire stripper and the copper can be sold along with the copper windings of the various motors that are present as copper scrap in Dubai. Scrap metal businesses in Dubai buy such metals because they have value and because every single contribution counts; and helps us take one step further when it comes to establishing a cleaner and greener environment.