Tuesday 14 April 2015

Did You Know That Useless Bottles Can Be Upcycled To Maximum Usefulness?

Are you annoyed by the clanking of bottles and are ready to dispose them off? Hold on. You might just miss 3 recycling marvels which this blog contains.

1.    The marvelous bottling centerpiece  

The nicest thing about this upcycled creativity is that you can use plastic as well as metallic bottles.

Now get some bottles and simply wrap then with yarn be it thread, wool or fiber. And what you will get is an eye-candy object for your centre piece!

Bonus Tip:

You can select different colors of yarn to suit your d├ęcor! Another benefit is that yarn is something which is readily available at your home.

2.    Bottles as exquisite candleholders

Want to create a quick soothing dinner ambience? Get some bottles, clean them and use them as holders for slender candles. This approach will enhance your dinner experience using the least of resources.

Bonus tip:

You can get a bottelabra-

This will provide a safety net to collect the wax.

Thus, this makes a handy device for creation of pleasing aura while having dinner; also giving birth to more soothing conversations!

3.    Upcyling bottles as plant sitters
What if you’re out on a vacation and your plants decay and yearn for water? Create a bottle plant sitter!

1.    Fill a bottle (glass) with marbles. (hint- more marbles you fill, slower will be the drip of water)
2.    Now pour in water in the marble-filled bottle. Insert its neck into the moist soil-

It will keep your plants hydrated for around a week.

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Have any metal bottles or metal scraps to recycle? Do it here.