Wednesday 15 June 2016

How To Maximise Value Of Money Received On Aluminium Scrap Recycling?

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals known for its lightweight (therefore convenient handling) and non-ferrous quality. Aluminum scrap recycling can get you a tidy profit when you know the various grades of aluminum and sort them out as follows.

Grades of Aluminium-

Radiators- A clean radiator is the one that is devoid of plastic, hoses, steel and tanks unlike a contaminated one giving you less value for your scrap.

Sidings- Sidings are present in aluminum objects like downpipes and sinks. They should not be contaminated with items like tar, steel, or Styrofoam.

Cast- Usually brittle with a grainy texture inside, cast is used in engine cylinder heads of cars, housing lights and barbeque covers.

Aluminium Radiators- They’re available in air conditioners. Cut off the steel flanges if any for better value on scrap. Steel flanges can also be sold as scrap.

Extrusions- A clean aluminum extrusion like a window frame is devoid of any kind of plastic, rubber and steel.

Aluminum Sheet- It is the lowest grade of aluminium scrap found across all items not mentioned above including pots, pans, and lawn chairs.


Sort and clean the Aluminum Scrap Recycling items as per the grades above and get best prices for your scrap.

Wednesday 8 June 2016

What Are The Best Sources Of Copper Scrap?

Copper scrap is one of the most demanded metals across various industries and looked upon as the most profitable metal scrap. It’s because copper is widely used across many industries. Mining copper from copper mines requires lot of money. Industrialists, therefore, choose to use copper scrap for various purposes.

Let’s see what are the best sources of copper scrap?

At home

Copper has a vast presence in terms of components that make most of the home items like light switches, vacuum cleaners, gas and water pipes, pans, awnings and most other items present in your home that are made of metal. 

Best sources

The best source of copper scrap is wire which also has a ubiquitous presence in your home from electrical wires to computers to television wires.
Automotive components of motors especially from that of old vehicles also give good amount of copper scrap.


You get good value for your copper scrap by recycling your Copper Scrap in Dubai. Apart from that the habit of recycling scrap metals instead of dumping them in large dumping grounds prevents accumulation of non-biodegradable wastes. These wastes are harmful for the environment and land, leading to its degradation.

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