Thursday 13 June 2013

Copper Recycling- A Profitable Phenomena

Copper is a metal that is abundantly found worldwide. It is also one of the most commonly and extensively used metals in the world. Right from your household devices like gas stoves to plumbing systems, coins and constructions, copper is used on a large scale. Many famous monuments have shown the usage of large quantities of copper. This is because, copper is also known to have innumerable benefits and is thus widely used.

Copper recycling has a many advantages. Not only are these advantages profit-based, but also are positive steps towards protecting the environment.  Recycling of copper can have the following advantages:

advantages of recycling scrap metal

1.       Elimination of Landfills Costs:

Burying of copper in landfills is not only monetarily expensive but also causes irreversible environmental damage. This is because it affects the groundwater resources and the soil too. Thus, if copper is recycled, it would help to avoid this damage. Recycling can save landfill space as well. It also protects the fossil fuels from any kind of potential damage that can be caused if copper is dumped into earth.

2.       Conservation of Environment:

Refining and mining of copper releases gases like sulfur dioxide which is harmful to nature. Recycling however would bring about a reduction in the releasing of these gases. It also saves a lot of natural resources oil and gas, coal, etc.

3.       Economically beneficial:

Extraction and mining of copper consumes a lot of capital. On the other hand, when copper is recycled, it not only saves money but also retains up to 90% of the original cost. It is virtually impossible to differentiate original copper from the recycled one. Many products of high quality can hence be produced through recycled copper. Apart from this, it also prevents the cost of copper from rising in the world market.

4.       Retention Value:

Copper is a metal that is known to retain its properties irrespective of the number of times it is recycled. Copper scrap metal also fetches a pretty good price and is considered to be highly valuable in the market. If the proper steps like cleaning and separating of the metal are followed copper scrap can be sold at a very high profit rate.

Copper scrap metal company

Dubai’s Lucky group has been very much active through its copper recycling company- Lucky Recycling. It has made credible efforts to work towards the conservation and preservation of environment by conducting recycling.

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Recycling is the Mantra for a Greener Planet

reduce reuse recycleReduce, reuse and recycle is a saying that has been making rounds throughout the planet for ages now. Recycling is done on a large scale in many parts of the world and is a positive step towards a better environment. The waste products that are merely thrown into thrash are not put into use for any other purpose. In such cases this practice is extremely beneficial.

go green planet by scrap recyclingReuse of metal is known to save a huge amount of energy and it also supports the conservation of natural resources like metal ores. This process is also responsible for the reduction in carbon footprint. It also is helping the greener part of the earth to remain intact. Scrap metal recycling is a practice that is gaining speed. Lucky Group, one of the leading companies for scrap dealing in Dubai have been positively active in this practice. Its scrap recycling company efficiently recycles aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, lead, etc.

Recycling helps environment by saving spaces in landfills. Also, this practice results in the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases. To save the earth from serious damages, it is vital that things are recycled. The activities of manufacturing, mining and extracting of many metals result in the release of a lot of harmful gases which can be curbed if they are recycled instead.  Aluminum, copper, etc can be recycled innumerable times without its quality being affected. Thus, this practice is a better option than simply discarding things into landfills.

why should you recycle