Thursday, 26 October 2017

Know Your Metals: What Can You Recycle?

It is well established that scrap metal recycling is a great idea, for both commercial and residential institutions. Before you plunge into the beneficial world of scrap metals, it’s better to know your metals so you can get the best of this world.

The most sought out metals are:
  1. Brass - Door knobs, light fixtures, furniture accents, lamps, decorative utensils, keys, etc. have this material in abundance. So keep an eye out for this yellowish metal when you’re throwing away any of the above items.
  2. Copper - Used in electric fittings, wiring, copper utensils, pipes, etc. This reddish metal is fairly common too. Regular use and exposure to light can cause it to turn brownish-black, nothing a good cleaning can’t solve. Copper recycling in Dubai can be done if you manage to collect a substantial amount of copper to interest recycling centers.
  3. Aluminium - Aluminium scrap in Dubai is quite in demand. This silver grey metal can be found in utensils, soda cans, pipes, guttering, window frames, beds and many other places where a sturdy but lightweight metal is needed.
These are the 3 main metals that are corrosion resistant and a good deal for scrap recyclers. Apart from these, if you come across zinc, magnesium, tin, lead and nickel, you can take them to be scrapped too. The more the better!

Monday, 23 October 2017

Get Into The Habit Of Recycling Scrap Metals!

‘Recycling’ is not just a buzzword. It is a habit that all of us must practice  on a daily basis. Not only does it prevent precious recyclable materials from going into the landfill, it also can help you earn money through scrap metals selling . Win-win!

So here’s how you can segregate useful scrap metals from actual waste.
  1. Start separating waste and scrap metals at the source of generation. Keep separate bins for both these materials so you won’t have to sift through a large amount of waste  to remove  scrap metals worthy of selling.
  2. Make time for sorting through scrap. Every fortnight or at every month end, keep some time aside to sift through the metal and segregate it before taking it to metal recycling companies in Dubai
  3. Know what recycling companies want. Providing them with the metals they are interested in will increase chances of your scrap metals being accepted. 
  4. Clean the metal as best as you can. It does not have to be shiny clean, as the metal recycling company will have its own cleaning procedures. Cleaning the scrap will make it more presentable and also give you a better estimate of its value.
  5. All set! Now you can take it to your choice of scrap metal recycling center and add to your income, and feel good that you have contributed towared the protection of the environment.