Wednesday 6 April 2011

Waste Management Is Easier Than You Think

We all live in a fast paced and modern world today, but little do we realize that all of this won’t actually matter if there is no future and no space. Yes space, at our current rate of dumping waste, our landfills will be full and soon we will run short of space to dispose our waste. The good thing about wet waste is that it can be chopped down and compressed and usually works as good manure. The bad part is that all the plastic aluminum cans and glass that we throw into the bin ends up in landfills, such items take hundreds and hundreds of years to decompose and decay.

A simple and widely followed solution world wide is waste management. Waste management helps us deal with environmental problems at the very core. It is not as difficult as most people think and works a long way even if you don’t have much waste to deal with. The three R’s of waste management will help you follow it in the most simple and understanding manner.

Reduce: Reduce refers to cutting down the amount of waste that you produce on a daily basis. A simple way to accomplish this is to just pick the right items, rather only what you really need with the right packaging. Reducing can also come in the form of carpooling, or even using computers to avoid paper consumption. Another great way is to consume fresh items instead of packaged ones such as in the case of meat and vegetables.

Reuse: This simply means that you need to find ways in your daily life to use reusable items such as a cloth bag or a sack instead of asking for plastic bags at the market. Reduce the plastic from your lunch by carrying a reusable box instead of wrapping it up in plastic and paper.

Recycle: When shopping always look for items that have the recycling logo of the 3 arrows on them, then you will know you are doing your part. Selecting items with paper cartons instead of plastic will automatically force manufacturers to find new ways of delivering goods. Separate your waste at home and make it a habit to use different bins for different items.

The Lucky Group a scrap metal recycler in Dubai is always concerned about the environment and streamlines its operations to be environmentally beneficial. Known for helping in educating and volunteering in most matters and events related to the environment they always make sure they deliver the best quality products to their customers in the least environmentally damaging manner. To know more about the Lucky Group kindly visit:


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Thursday 31 March 2011

Recycling Is A Must For Every Modern City

The Middle East has grown both economically and culturally in recent years having very modern cities like Dubai. As our cities grow and move towards a brighter future, so does the population within it. Having a moderately populated country is a must these days it helps in improving the national income of every country as a whole.

But along with such a boom both economical and cultural also comes the question of waste disposal. Waste disposal here is not an issue the issue here is about recycling. How many of us in Dubai actually make an effort to recycle? The effort lies in not dumping all the waste together but in segregating it. It is not a difficult task to follow and one can accomplish such a task by simply having different bins for different items right in our homes. Once we begin to follow such a regime, it becomes a part of our daily lives and works for the betterment of our own future.

The same trash that we segregate at home follows their individual paths into recycling plants and then they take up the tedious job of processing and providing scrap back again into raw materials for manufacturers. Scrap metal recyclers like Lucky Recycling, a division of the Lucky Group Of Companies have done a great job in taking care and helping in the problem of disposal of metals in Dubai. The Lucky Group’s experience and association with multiple countries in the Middle East helps the environment in getting rid of all the scrap metal while reducing the need for mining which damages our beautiful planet.

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Thursday 24 March 2011

Lead Acid Batteries - Boone Or Bane?

Lead acid batteries are the oldest and most widely used batteries in the world today. Their smaller footprint along with a higher energy to weight ratio makes them ideal for portable applications, which is why they are widely used in motorcycles and other vehicles today. Another factor that makes them ideal is their cost compared to other batteries as well as their ability to supply high surge currents for starters.

Lead acid batteries do however create a major impact on the environment. The only reason being that they were hard to dispose off, because the chemicals they contained harmed the environment which indirectly leads to humans getting affected. Being cheap and delivering better power compared to other sources increased the number of sales which lead to a huge piles of batteries being discarded improperly, ending up in landfills. The problem with lead acid batteries lies within them, in the form of a very toxic lead which even in tiny amounts over long term exposure deteriorates human health to a large extent. Another issue also arises from lead mining and manufacturing which raises a lot of environmental concerns.

A new found way of dealing with the issue of lead contamination, was brought about by recycling of batteries. Today battery recycling has been gaining importance for manufacturers in terms of economic feasibility. Scrap metal recyclers in Dubai like the Lucky Group helped the environment by helping in disposal of batteries safely, to recyclers all over the world. Their efforts and organizational practices in terms of metal recycling have always been streamlined to be ecologically beneficial. To know more about us kindly visit


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Thursday 17 March 2011

Infinite Recyclability

Infinite recyclability refers to the ability or characteristics of a metal to get recycled or reused repeatedly without any degradation in quality. Few metals have such qualities namely steel aluminum and copper. The good thing about these metals is that recycling such metals helps save the environment. This is possible by reducing the amount of energy and the number of chemicals used during the recycling process compared to the vast amount of energy and mining required to produce fresh metal. The important factor here is recycling which helps in reducing the waste in the scrap yards, which is the result of the products losing their value after the completion of their life cycle.

On the bright side, metal recycling is gaining a lot of importance one due to the government policies being issued on manufacturers and two, the benefits and cost-effectiveness of recycling compared to traditional mining. Steel is one of the most widely recycled metals with supplies coming in from construction, automobiles and appliances. The reason why steel is ahead of other metals is because steel recycling commenced a long time ago as compared to aluminum. Aluminum on the other is mainly sourced in from the food industry, now automobiles and also the recently the construction industry. Aluminum cans are recycled in the millions everyday, its no wonder experts say that an aluminum can gets back on the shelf just 60 days after it was discarded and that too by just consuming 5% of the energy it takes to produce new aluminum. Copper known for being highly malleable and ductile and an excellent conductor of electricity has found applications in a wide variety of industries and products.

Lucky Group is a leading scrap metal dealer in Dubai. They provide only the best quality scrap metals through transparent business dealings to their customers in the Middle East and China. Lucky Recycling handles the companies scrap recycling interests, while Lucky Alloys takes care of aluminum alloy manufacturing in Dubai. To know more about the Lucky Group of Companies kindly visit,


Thursday 10 March 2011

Getting Rid Of Old Office Equipment

All of us at some time at home or the office have upgraded our computers and printers. An upgrade is certainly a step forward to a more efficient and productive work environment but also apart from that, new computers and printers are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. One reason for that is that the latest computers are built from new and well engineered eco friendly components and with new processors that consume less power but deliver better and faster computing.

So in short new is better, for the environment and for us, but what happens to the old hardware? Offices usually just dump them off or just keep them piled up in a store room. The best way to do away with old workable systems is to sell them off to another office or give them to local charities. But do make sure that every component in there is in a working condition. Next if your hardware is too old the safest way to get rid of it by dropping it off either to a scrap metal recycler or to the manufacturer. If computers reach a landfill they usually get incinerated which is not good for the environment. Hardware manufacturers these days have started recycling programs that help people dispose of their computer waste in a safe manner. Such waste usually ends up all segregated and dissected in different piles of metals according to what’s been used to build them. Computers and other electronics today are a very valuable source of raw materials if done in the right manner.

Hence it is both eco friendly to recycle old computer components and other appliance by giving them to scrap yards since they know how to dispose them off safely and according to the local policies. The Lucky Group a leading scrap metal recycler in Dubai also cares for the environment in a similar manner safely disposing off and processing hazardous waste before recycling components and delivering them in packages for their client specific needs. To know more about the Lucky Group kindly visit,

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Thursday 3 March 2011

How Is Steel Recycled?

Steel is an alloy that is made up mostly of iron ore and carbon. The amount of alloying elements used in the production process results in the changing qualities of steel. However, today most of the steel produced is by recycling containers, automobiles, steel cans, parts of appliances and construction materials. The fact that the steel industry has been recycling for the past 150 years is good enough to call steel one of the most recycled metals in the world today. The best part about recycling steel is that it does not lose its physical properties during the process of recycling, moreover the energy consumed to produce recycled steel is just about 25 percent as compared to that of making fresh new steel.

Producing virgin steel is a long and lengthy process which involves the mining of iron ore and then using the ore in the production process along with huge amounts of other chemicals and along with a vast amount of energy. There are two methods by which recycled steel is produced both of them are different because the output material has different applications. The first process and type of steel is called basic oxygen steel making or BOS steel which utilizes about 25 percent of recycled steel to produce new steel. Such steel is usually more malleable built for cold working applications, such as tin cans, automotive parts such as fenders etc. The second process or type is called electric arc furnace or EAF steel. In this process the amount of residual elements is greater compared to that of BOS steel making it less malleable due to which it is to make steel beams for construction, plates as well as reinforcing bars.

Lucky Group’s recycling division Lucky Recycling takes care of the industries primary recycling needs, one of which is steel scrap. The steel scrap at Lucky Recycling is carefully chosen and processed in packages to give to their customers only the best quality. Lucky Group is one of the leading traders in ferrous scrap and stainless steel scrap in Dubai. To know more about the Lucky Group of companies kindly visit:

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Wednesday 23 February 2011

The Wide Variety Of Metals Recycled At The Lucky Group

Metal recycling is a very essential element in terms of saving the environment and helping sustain our resources. This is not because we are running short of them but because of the waste that the production process produces along with the additional amounts of fuel used as well as the amount of energy used to create virgin raw metals for the manufacturers.

Recycling then becomes an important way to get rid of the metal waste that comes from a variety of products such as cars, home appliances, industrial castings as well as food products. Recycling most metals on the other hand barely takes up 5 to 10 percent of the energy it takes to make fresh metals. The Lucky Group’s division Lucky Recycling, takes care of this waste in their modern facilities by first checking them for toxic or hazardous chemicals and then segregating and processing them for packaging for their customers. They recycle a wide variety of metals for manufacturing applications as given below.

Aluminum: One of the worlds most recycled metals, aluminum scrap in Dubai is usually segregated into Aluminum plates, wheels, extrusions, aluminum wire, castings, sows as well as mixed alloy blocks.

Brass: Brass being one of the most malleable recyclable metals, it is no wonder that almost all of the brass produced today is produced by recycled brass. Out here they are divided and packaged into brass ingots, and pipes.

Copper: Having great electrical conductivity and being extremely ductile, this metal has a huge demand considering that most copper produced years ago is still in use today in some form or the other. At the Lucky Recycling plant, copper scrap is available as barley, berry, birch cliff, candy as well as copper ingots.

Stainless Steel: With an end of life recycling ratio of about 80 to 90 percent, stainless steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world and has been recycled for decades. Out here, they are segregated into plate scrap and pipe scrap.

Lucky Group is one of the top metal recycling companies in Dubai. They pride themselves on strong and transparent business relationships with a notion to give their clients the best in quality that the world has to offer.

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Wednesday 16 February 2011

How Sustainability And Recycling Go Hand In Hand

The word sustainability has different meanings and has been defined in a multiple number of ways according to the times that these definitions were created and the situations they were created in. The most recent one connects the term sustainability to man’s ability to sustain himself and the ecology around him and preserve that same ecology in the same state for the generations to come.

Governments today have begun to attach the environment as a part of their policy, using the environment as a two-way commodity. What you give is what you get. The environment has a maximum level of tolerance beyond which it loses its ability to assimilate and regenerate. Over mining or over extraction of resources from a certain place often leads to side effects which are uncontrollable and take a long time to regenerate and recover. However with the advent of recycling, we are now able to sustain the environment by reducing the amount of waste material that results from production and use of commodities. This in a way controls the balance and sustains the environment and gives us an opportunity to give back and contribute in the process.

Hence recycling of materials especially metals is very beneficial and helps in the sustainability process. Scrap metal recyclers play a vital role by processing the scrap metals and making them available in packages for manufacturers to utilize and reuse.

We at the Lucky Group have a mission to cater to the specific scrap metal needs of our clients while expanding our sourcing points through transparent and strategic alliances to give the best value to our customers. We provide the highest level of services from scrap metal recycling to aluminum alloy manufacturing in Dubai adding value to numerous metal recycling companies the world over. To know more about us please visit :

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Brass A Sustainable Alloy

Brass is an alloy created by a mixture of copper and zinc. Known to have been found out since ancient times, its true value as an alloy was not understood or rather discovered until the post medieval period. The varying amounts of zinc and copper are used to obtain a large variety of brasses with different properties. Hence brass is not a obtained directly but is a product of two other metals.

The most commonly used brass is yellow brass the other two being red brass and semi-red brass. Yellow brass usually contains around 60 to 70% copper, and around 30% zinc with tiny amounts of lead and tin; the reason for its name being its color. Having a wide variety of applications, the most common places brass is used in, is in the form screws, pins, door handles, hand rails, light fittings, bath fittings (polished in chrome) and in marine ship building. One can notice that most of these applications have something to do with water or touch. The reason for these being, brass along with being a highly malleable and a having great thermal and electrical conductivity is also highly waterproof and can withstand high pressure in the harshest of environments (in the case of dezincification resistant brass). Brass also exhibits germicidal properties which is why they are the best alloys for use in applications where human touch is common. The greatest advantage of using brass in multiple applications is that it is a sustainable metal. It is a known fact that brass product supplier and manufacturers throughout the world depend on recycled brass scrap for their resources. Producing new brass from copper and zinc is simply too uneconomical and also results in a large amount of waste materials. Hence brass is an environmentally friendly alloy and is also hundred percent recyclable.

Sources of scrap brass are few in Dubai, the main scrap metal recycler being Lucky Recycling a division of Lucky Group. Lucky Group being and environmentally conscious body tries to make the availability of brass scrap easier to manufacturers and does that in the most ecologically beneficial way possible.

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Tuesday 1 February 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility At The Lucky Group

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulated mechanism which is integrated into the company’s business model. Having this mechanism sets in place rules, which makes the company responsible for its own actions and also promotes a positive atmosphere within the company. It also improves the firm’s image in the eyes of the public. Some argue that CSR is just an external image that a company puts forward in an attempt to avoid certain responsibilities that a company should be resolving when it’s actually not. But the bottom line is that a CSR of every company has been titled to aid its mission. This mission guides the company which technically makes it a win-win situation for both the company and the public.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Lucky Group of Companies, helps them convey to the masses their reputation for honesty, integrity and high moral standards. Lucky Group being recognized and reputed in the scrap metal recycling business, takes every measure to ensure that they provide an accident-free workplace and an active community service cell. Along with reduced pollution practices they also ensure a transparent working environment. The company also complies with country and territorial laws in terms of business activities.

Lucky Group is recognized for scrap metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturing in Dubai. It strives to maintain better business relationships by providing superlative quality during production and sincerity in business dealings. Their strict self-regulations in terms of the environment help promote an environmentally-conscious organizational culture.

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Saturday 29 January 2011

Lucky Group a Globally Recognized Scrap Recycler and Alloy Manufacturer

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The demand for metal is ever increasing as it used for developing the infrastructure like for building bridges, roads etc. Metal is also used for construction purposes for example constructing buildings, for wiring etc. When recycled scrap metal is used for these purposes, it saves energy and protects the environment; mining does not takes place and reduces the amount of metal going into landfill.

There are many scrap metal companies in Dubai but Lucky Group has been known scrap metal processor for long time. The company not only deals in recycling of scrap metals in Dubai but they are also well known aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. The company has two divisions one for scrap recycling and another for alloy manufacturing. The scrap recycling under takes the part of recycling the scrap metals at various recycling facilities including the Dubai scrap yard. Lucky Group recycles copper scrap in Dubai, ferrous scrap, aluminum scrap etc. This recycling of metals at Lucky Group is handled by its flagship company Lucky Recycling and associated company Fortune Metals which is based in Canada. The aluminum alloy manufacturing plant has its key interest in secondary aluminum and semi- primary alloy manufacturing. It is known for the customer centric approach and for its efficiency. They companies manufacturing interests are handled by Lucky Alloys.

Lucky Group is a well recognized company not only in Dubai but also in other parts of the world. It comprises of ten internationally placed operations and presence in over 40 countries across the globe. The company is known for giving its best services to the customer and is ready to deliver any amount of metal to its clients.

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Saturday 22 January 2011

Metal Recycling of Great Importance

Metal recycling is the process of reusing old metal material like aluminum and steel to make new product. When you recycle old metal products 95% of less energy is consumed than that of making a new material. Also metal does not loses its value even after being recycled number of times. The economic value, as well as the environmental benefits, has led to the development of a metal recycling market that is quite developed.
There are number of benefits involved in recycling metal. They are:
1. Lot of energy is saved during recycling of metal than that of creating a new product.
2. Emission of CO2 is reduced and there is less air pollution.
3. Water used is less when metal is recycled and also water pollution does not take place.
4. There is a reduction in mining of raw materials to make metals such as iron ore for steel, nickel for stainless steel, aluminum and bauxite for aluminum.
5. It also reduces the amount of metal going into the landfill which saves the wastage of valuable resources.
Almost all aluminum and steel products can be recycled many times without compromising its content. Products like soda cans, appliances, auto parts, windows, tin cans etc. can be recycled again and again. With the help of recycled metal new car parts and building structures can be created.
Lucky Group is one of the best metal scrap companies in Dubai and also on other parts of the globe. The company is recognized as the best scrap metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. Lucky Recycling a flagship company of Lucky Group has always been an environmentally active and a conscious body. Lucky Recycling deals in recycling of scrap metals in Dubai and also over the globe.
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Saturday 15 January 2011

Recycling Steel Is Profitable

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Recycling of metal is always profitable. Recycling metal protects environment and also reduces pollution. By recycling a metal you not only have ecological benefits but also have economical benefits. It helps in saving a lot of expenses demanded for the production of new products.

When it comes to buying of any steel product you always end up buying recycled product. Recycling is an important part of steel making process. Millions and tones of steel are recycled every year. Products like steel cans, household appliances, steel machines in factories, steel from buildings, automobiles etc. are taken by metal scrap companies in Dubai. Recycling is very beneficial as it is cheaper to use recycle scrap metals in Dubai than that of mining iron ore to get it. To obtain steel lot of time and energy is consumed also the process involved is huge. When recycling of steel takes place the cost of mining is saved. Unlike other metal steel also does not lose its properties even if recycled number of times. This is the reason why manufacturers find it moderate to recycle steel over and over again.

Lucky Group is one such well recognized metal recycling companies in Dubai. Its flagship company Lucky Recycling deals in scrap metal recycling. It also has an associate company based in Canada. The name of the company is Fortune Metals; they are the top choice for scrap metals by the customers round the globe.  The company is known for supplying quality products to its customers and of any quantity on given time and date round the globe.

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Saturday 8 January 2011

Lucky Recycling has its Active Presence Globally

There are many metal recycling companies in Dubai, but not all are reputed neither they are known in global market. But there is one company who has its presence globally and that is Lucky Group. The company has its name not only in local market but also in international market. The policies, practices and processes are streamlined to be as ecologically beneficial as possible.

Lucky Group has a flagship company named Lucky Recycling. Lucky Recycling is one of the very well known metal recycling companies in Dubai and in other parts of the world. The recycling facilities of Lucky Recycling are located in Dubai, Jebel Ali and Doha. The company has wide reach between its offices and recycling facilities. The scrap metal recycling facility in Dubai is well equipped with labor, experienced management team and equipments of best quality so that Lucky Recycling could deliver best quality recycled products and services. The company uses most modernized techniques and equipments like balers, radioactive detectors, analyzers etc. The equipments used for recycling are automatic. Lucky Recycling has setup excellent management system at every process of recycling. It takes care of quality measures; keep tracks of accounts, logistics, IT requirements, administration and also human resource.
Lucky Group is a company who is known in the market for keeping transparency between the trade partners. Lucky Group has a flagship company named Lucky Alloys and they are the best aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. The associate company of Lucky Group is situated in Canada and name of the company is Fortune Metals. It is the top choice scrap metals all over the world.
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