Saturday 29 January 2011

Lucky Group a Globally Recognized Scrap Recycler and Alloy Manufacturer

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The demand for metal is ever increasing as it used for developing the infrastructure like for building bridges, roads etc. Metal is also used for construction purposes for example constructing buildings, for wiring etc. When recycled scrap metal is used for these purposes, it saves energy and protects the environment; mining does not takes place and reduces the amount of metal going into landfill.

There are many scrap metal companies in Dubai but Lucky Group has been known scrap metal processor for long time. The company not only deals in recycling of scrap metals in Dubai but they are also well known aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. The company has two divisions one for scrap recycling and another for alloy manufacturing. The scrap recycling under takes the part of recycling the scrap metals at various recycling facilities including the Dubai scrap yard. Lucky Group recycles copper scrap in Dubai, ferrous scrap, aluminum scrap etc. This recycling of metals at Lucky Group is handled by its flagship company Lucky Recycling and associated company Fortune Metals which is based in Canada. The aluminum alloy manufacturing plant has its key interest in secondary aluminum and semi- primary alloy manufacturing. It is known for the customer centric approach and for its efficiency. They companies manufacturing interests are handled by Lucky Alloys.

Lucky Group is a well recognized company not only in Dubai but also in other parts of the world. It comprises of ten internationally placed operations and presence in over 40 countries across the globe. The company is known for giving its best services to the customer and is ready to deliver any amount of metal to its clients.

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