Saturday 22 January 2011

Metal Recycling of Great Importance

Metal recycling is the process of reusing old metal material like aluminum and steel to make new product. When you recycle old metal products 95% of less energy is consumed than that of making a new material. Also metal does not loses its value even after being recycled number of times. The economic value, as well as the environmental benefits, has led to the development of a metal recycling market that is quite developed.
There are number of benefits involved in recycling metal. They are:
1. Lot of energy is saved during recycling of metal than that of creating a new product.
2. Emission of CO2 is reduced and there is less air pollution.
3. Water used is less when metal is recycled and also water pollution does not take place.
4. There is a reduction in mining of raw materials to make metals such as iron ore for steel, nickel for stainless steel, aluminum and bauxite for aluminum.
5. It also reduces the amount of metal going into the landfill which saves the wastage of valuable resources.
Almost all aluminum and steel products can be recycled many times without compromising its content. Products like soda cans, appliances, auto parts, windows, tin cans etc. can be recycled again and again. With the help of recycled metal new car parts and building structures can be created.
Lucky Group is one of the best metal scrap companies in Dubai and also on other parts of the globe. The company is recognized as the best scrap metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. Lucky Recycling a flagship company of Lucky Group has always been an environmentally active and a conscious body. Lucky Recycling deals in recycling of scrap metals in Dubai and also over the globe.
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