Monday, 25 July 2016

Do Your Part By Recycling Scrap Metals

We generate a lot of things that can be recycled, but rather are just dumped. And materials like plastic and metals pollute the surrounding environment. What comes to the rescue? Recycling. The process of recycling is important considering the world we live in. When you recycle materials, you help manage to save energy, resources and avoid waste generation that pollutes the earth.

Scrap metal accounts for 8% of all recycled items

Metals like scrap copper and aluminium, accounts for 8% of overall recycled items. Recycling such materials greatly help in reducing the resource-burden and costs required to produce raw materials.  The also reduce the impact caused during production of raw materials like metals, which have a negative impact on the environment.

Moreover, recycling industry provides employment on a large scale. Also there is no upper limit on how many times you can recycle, renew and reuse a metal.

Recycle and earn

The practice of recycling scrap metals starts with you. You can recycle redundant metals and earn money instead of throwing them into trash. This practice not only helps people earn money but also protects environment degradation due to harmful metals.

If you want to recycle scrap metal, you can get your items directly to our Scrap Metals Qatar facility. We ensure that you get optimal value for your scrap metal and the assurance of environment-friendly recycling processes being undertaken aligned with the standard practices.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How Metal Scrap Recycling Has Increased Manufacturing Supply Chain Around The Globe

Metal recycling has played a significant role in filling the gap with regards to availability of precious metals like aluminium, brass, copper, silver and gold. Scrap Metal Recycling has aided in the process of preventing wastage of metals which are rather used as raw materials. This has ultimately fuelled theglobal manufacturing supply chain.

Global phenomena

Today, you can see various companies working towards recycling every type of metal. Globally, companies recycle an average of 90 million tons of iron and steel, 2 million tons of copper, 5 million tons of aluminium and 2 million tons of stainless steel each year; making it a global phenomenon supporting world economy and trade. This has greatly contributed towards strengthening resource sustainability.

Metal scrap recycling- now a hi-tech industry

Metal scrap recycling is an industry that is profuse in thousands of employees working to convert scrap metals into useful metals, thus making it a significant industry that provides job opportunities. Another big advantage of scrap metal recycling is that the process can be used to work on metals for multiple times without affecting the metal’s original properties.

Metal scrap recycling is used to derive useful metals

Copper and aluminium are the most recycled metals. Scrap trading professionals buy and sell metals which then reach the recycling plants where it is recycled to derive new raw material that contains original metal properties. Scrap metals like aluminium soda cans, auto parts, and doors, are some typical items recycled on a regular basis to derive useful metals.

We are a Scrap metals Doha company, one of the largest scrap metal dealers in Middle East.

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