Thursday 15 April 2010

Member of ISRI

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Lucky Group, which is the leading metal manufacturing company in Dubai, has always given emphasis to quality of products. The company takes conscious steps so that health and hygiene is maintained. Lucky Group had the privilege to earn numerous certificates and awards. All these reputed prizes have added more splendors to the company.

Lucky Group is one of those few companies who are members of the ISRI. ISRI stands for Institute Of Scrap Recycling Industries. This institute call themselves as the voice of the recycling industry which works towards advocating the pivotal role that scrap industry plays in the U.S. economy, global trade, the environment and sustainable development. Many members of ISRI are those companies which have family-owned businesses and are running them successfully for more than hundred years. Lucky Group is one of those companies who are handling their family owned business since 1973. To be the member of ISRI a company must be an expert and should have potentiality to compete in today’s international market. ISRI provides its member companies with a wide variety of products and services designed to help them work better, safer, cleaner and more profitable operations.

Lucky Group is one of the leading metal suppliers in Dubai. The efforts and ethical work environment has earned the company a reputable name in the global market. All their companies have always been environmentally conscious and participate in different events that work to protect environment. Along with ISRI membership our company has won many other awards and certificates.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

We Will Look After Your Need For Silicon Metal

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Various Industries around the world depend upon different metals to produce a kind of products. One of the important metals is Silicon. The usage of this metal is increasing day by day. Metal suppliers around the world say that demand for silicon never decreases. This metal is highly useful for different purposes.

Silicon metal is used as an alloying agent in the aluminium industry because it has the potentiality of increasing strength of aluminium. Power generating industries are experiencing more demand of Silicon because solar panels are made of silicon. It is also found in many everyday products like lubricants, resins, greases, hair and sin products. Silicon chips are important component in many everyday electronic devices. They are the base of modern computers and electronic items. It is heat resistant, non-stick and rubber like hence it is often used in cookware, medicine, sealant and adhesive. Along with all these it is also used for insulation. With its increased usage its availability should be in abundance. Many industries that consume silicon make it a point to use metal with good quality. Lucky Alloys also deals in silicon metals. The company delivers good quality silicon metals to its customers around the world.

Lucky Group has three established companies which are, Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals. All these companies provide metals with higher quality to their customers worldwide. Our companies never fail to give required quality of materials on time. We have a range of loyal customers spread in different parts of the world.

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Do You Need Aluminium Wheels?

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Aluminium is a very useful metal and it is widely used for industrial purposes. Aluminium alloy manufacturers in Dubai are known for supplying quality metals to their customers around the world. There is a great demand for aluminium wheels in automobile industry and the demand is increasing day by day.

Wheels made from aluminium are lighter in weight but provide enough strength. At the same time they are better heat conductor and have attractive appearance. Lighter wheels are easy to handle and allow the user to have better grip. Higher heat conduction aids depleting heat from the brakes which improves breaking performance. Break failure due to overheating is avoided. This metal is corrosion resistant so there is no need for paint.  It can be used bare and looks beautiful too. Aluminium being so useful creates higher demand for itself in automobile industry. Automobile manufacturers around the world prefer making wheels of aluminium. Aluminium suppliers will have to be prepared to meet with the rising demand. Lucky Recycling provides large quantity of aluminum wheels to all its clients. The company follows a strict quality measures so that best quality products are delivered to clients.

Lucky Group is one of the established aluminium alloy manufacturer in Dubai. Their company Lucky Recycling is involved in recycling metals and saving the environment. We also supply aluminum wheels to our customers around the world. We are known for giving good quality products on time. All the three companies of our group are extremely successful in international market.

Monday 12 April 2010

Safety For Employees

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Safety in the workplace is an issue which every organization has to think about. It is the right of every individual to work in safe environmental conditions. But many organizations fail to maintain safety for their employees. No one would prefer working in accidental prone surroundings. Lucky Group of Companies have always provided safe environment to all their employees.

We at Lucky Group understand the importance of safe environment and hence we have strong corporate values which protect health and hygiene of all our employees.  Every employee wishes to work with a company which is actively involved in safeguarding health and rights of employees. Those who work with Lucky Group which is an aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai proudly say that their employers take every step that guarantees better safety measures for them. The company keeps on upgrading their corporate elements like accident-free place to work in, an active community service cell, reduced pollution practices, increased investment in human resources and relationship managers. Along with that transparent work ethics makes the working smooth and tension free. All such values of Lucky Group play a vital role is keeping every employee working with their company happy.

Lucky Group is one of the leading metal suppliers in Dubai. Efforts and ethical work environment has earned the company a reputable name in global market. Their metal recycling company in Dubai has always been environmentally conscious and participates in different events that work to protect environment. The company adopts different ways that works towards maintaining health and hygiene of their clients and employees.