Thursday 24 March 2011

Lead Acid Batteries - Boone Or Bane?

Lead acid batteries are the oldest and most widely used batteries in the world today. Their smaller footprint along with a higher energy to weight ratio makes them ideal for portable applications, which is why they are widely used in motorcycles and other vehicles today. Another factor that makes them ideal is their cost compared to other batteries as well as their ability to supply high surge currents for starters.

Lead acid batteries do however create a major impact on the environment. The only reason being that they were hard to dispose off, because the chemicals they contained harmed the environment which indirectly leads to humans getting affected. Being cheap and delivering better power compared to other sources increased the number of sales which lead to a huge piles of batteries being discarded improperly, ending up in landfills. The problem with lead acid batteries lies within them, in the form of a very toxic lead which even in tiny amounts over long term exposure deteriorates human health to a large extent. Another issue also arises from lead mining and manufacturing which raises a lot of environmental concerns.

A new found way of dealing with the issue of lead contamination, was brought about by recycling of batteries. Today battery recycling has been gaining importance for manufacturers in terms of economic feasibility. Scrap metal recyclers in Dubai like the Lucky Group helped the environment by helping in disposal of batteries safely, to recyclers all over the world. Their efforts and organizational practices in terms of metal recycling have always been streamlined to be ecologically beneficial. To know more about us kindly visit


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