Thursday 3 March 2011

How Is Steel Recycled?

Steel is an alloy that is made up mostly of iron ore and carbon. The amount of alloying elements used in the production process results in the changing qualities of steel. However, today most of the steel produced is by recycling containers, automobiles, steel cans, parts of appliances and construction materials. The fact that the steel industry has been recycling for the past 150 years is good enough to call steel one of the most recycled metals in the world today. The best part about recycling steel is that it does not lose its physical properties during the process of recycling, moreover the energy consumed to produce recycled steel is just about 25 percent as compared to that of making fresh new steel.

Producing virgin steel is a long and lengthy process which involves the mining of iron ore and then using the ore in the production process along with huge amounts of other chemicals and along with a vast amount of energy. There are two methods by which recycled steel is produced both of them are different because the output material has different applications. The first process and type of steel is called basic oxygen steel making or BOS steel which utilizes about 25 percent of recycled steel to produce new steel. Such steel is usually more malleable built for cold working applications, such as tin cans, automotive parts such as fenders etc. The second process or type is called electric arc furnace or EAF steel. In this process the amount of residual elements is greater compared to that of BOS steel making it less malleable due to which it is to make steel beams for construction, plates as well as reinforcing bars.

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