Thursday 17 March 2011

Infinite Recyclability

Infinite recyclability refers to the ability or characteristics of a metal to get recycled or reused repeatedly without any degradation in quality. Few metals have such qualities namely steel aluminum and copper. The good thing about these metals is that recycling such metals helps save the environment. This is possible by reducing the amount of energy and the number of chemicals used during the recycling process compared to the vast amount of energy and mining required to produce fresh metal. The important factor here is recycling which helps in reducing the waste in the scrap yards, which is the result of the products losing their value after the completion of their life cycle.

On the bright side, metal recycling is gaining a lot of importance one due to the government policies being issued on manufacturers and two, the benefits and cost-effectiveness of recycling compared to traditional mining. Steel is one of the most widely recycled metals with supplies coming in from construction, automobiles and appliances. The reason why steel is ahead of other metals is because steel recycling commenced a long time ago as compared to aluminum. Aluminum on the other is mainly sourced in from the food industry, now automobiles and also the recently the construction industry. Aluminum cans are recycled in the millions everyday, its no wonder experts say that an aluminum can gets back on the shelf just 60 days after it was discarded and that too by just consuming 5% of the energy it takes to produce new aluminum. Copper known for being highly malleable and ductile and an excellent conductor of electricity has found applications in a wide variety of industries and products.

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