Thursday 10 March 2011

Getting Rid Of Old Office Equipment

All of us at some time at home or the office have upgraded our computers and printers. An upgrade is certainly a step forward to a more efficient and productive work environment but also apart from that, new computers and printers are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. One reason for that is that the latest computers are built from new and well engineered eco friendly components and with new processors that consume less power but deliver better and faster computing.

So in short new is better, for the environment and for us, but what happens to the old hardware? Offices usually just dump them off or just keep them piled up in a store room. The best way to do away with old workable systems is to sell them off to another office or give them to local charities. But do make sure that every component in there is in a working condition. Next if your hardware is too old the safest way to get rid of it by dropping it off either to a scrap metal recycler or to the manufacturer. If computers reach a landfill they usually get incinerated which is not good for the environment. Hardware manufacturers these days have started recycling programs that help people dispose of their computer waste in a safe manner. Such waste usually ends up all segregated and dissected in different piles of metals according to what’s been used to build them. Computers and other electronics today are a very valuable source of raw materials if done in the right manner.

Hence it is both eco friendly to recycle old computer components and other appliance by giving them to scrap yards since they know how to dispose them off safely and according to the local policies. The Lucky Group a leading scrap metal recycler in Dubai also cares for the environment in a similar manner safely disposing off and processing hazardous waste before recycling components and delivering them in packages for their client specific needs. To know more about the Lucky Group kindly visit,

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