Wednesday 23 February 2011

The Wide Variety Of Metals Recycled At The Lucky Group

Metal recycling is a very essential element in terms of saving the environment and helping sustain our resources. This is not because we are running short of them but because of the waste that the production process produces along with the additional amounts of fuel used as well as the amount of energy used to create virgin raw metals for the manufacturers.

Recycling then becomes an important way to get rid of the metal waste that comes from a variety of products such as cars, home appliances, industrial castings as well as food products. Recycling most metals on the other hand barely takes up 5 to 10 percent of the energy it takes to make fresh metals. The Lucky Group’s division Lucky Recycling, takes care of this waste in their modern facilities by first checking them for toxic or hazardous chemicals and then segregating and processing them for packaging for their customers. They recycle a wide variety of metals for manufacturing applications as given below.

Aluminum: One of the worlds most recycled metals, aluminum scrap in Dubai is usually segregated into Aluminum plates, wheels, extrusions, aluminum wire, castings, sows as well as mixed alloy blocks.

Brass: Brass being one of the most malleable recyclable metals, it is no wonder that almost all of the brass produced today is produced by recycled brass. Out here they are divided and packaged into brass ingots, and pipes.

Copper: Having great electrical conductivity and being extremely ductile, this metal has a huge demand considering that most copper produced years ago is still in use today in some form or the other. At the Lucky Recycling plant, copper scrap is available as barley, berry, birch cliff, candy as well as copper ingots.

Stainless Steel: With an end of life recycling ratio of about 80 to 90 percent, stainless steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world and has been recycled for decades. Out here, they are segregated into plate scrap and pipe scrap.

Lucky Group is one of the top metal recycling companies in Dubai. They pride themselves on strong and transparent business relationships with a notion to give their clients the best in quality that the world has to offer.

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