Friday 29 January 2010

Lucky Group, Top Choice For Metals

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Lucky Group is a well established name in the international metal industry. We have three companies in our group they are Lucky Alloys, Lucky Recycling and Fortune Metals.  Starting with a small business in the year 1973 the company has earned a global recognition today. All the three companies are doing a great job and creating success for themselves.

Fortune Metals was launched in 1990 in Toronto, Canada. The company deals in scrap metal trade business. Today the company has massive network of buyers and suppliers around the world.  The company is handled by highly knowledgeable and efficient professionals.  The aim of the company is to provide excellent quality metal material to the clients on time. You will be surprised to experience the courteous client service.  The company obtains metals from several different countries and has a well acclaimed base of loyal suppliers who provide quality products for its customers. With so many features and best service Fortune Metals Inc is now regarded as the top choice in scrap metals for customers and suppliers all over the globe.  The company follows strict rules for checking the quality standards of their products and uses high technology equipments.

Today there are very few companies which follow an ethical way to run their business. Lucky Group gives tremendous importance to honesty, integrity, moral values and ethical behaviors. Our companies are spread in many parts of the world, we abide by the legal system of every nation where our company belongs.

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