Wednesday 29 December 2021

Recycling Metal Wires and Cables

 Substantial amount of common household articles are recycled at every size of metal recycling companies in Dubai. Household materials undergo considerable wear and tear and are replaced over the time. Each item has its own timeframe of usage after which it is inevitably recycled. For instance, an average mobile phone is replaced every 2-3 years; computers are recycled after 5-year cycle, etc.

When these appliances are recycled, we hardly consider its wire and cable components that can be recycled too! Components like phone cables, extension cords and adapters, ethernet cables, power cords, etc. contain copper – hence making them an excellent choice of items to be recycled. Copper is resistant to corrosion. It also conducts electricity and heat well and outdoes other conductors. Recycled copper is preferred by many businesses as copper is extremely difficult to mine and has negative effects on the surroundings of the mining area.

Before we dive any further, what is the difference between a wire and a cable? A wire contains just one line of electrical conduction, whereas the cable is a unified group of wires that is insulated by plastic or rubber sheathing.

In the old fashion method, the plastic insulation cover used to be burnt to recover the underlying copper/aluminium wire. Needless to say, this method was extremely hazardous as it released harmful gases in the environment.

recycling metal wires and cables

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Currently, the more efficient way of recycling wires and cables is by first shredding them to reduce their size. Plastic parts, if any, like plugs, keys, etc. are removed before shredding. Post shredding, the metallic parts are separated from plastic insulation physically by deploying gravity and electrostatic separation techniques.

Next, the copper is recovered from other metallic parts by deploying smelting and refining technique. Approximately 97.2% of copper in waste cables is recovered and refined copper with 99.6 %Cu content is produced.


Copper Scrap in Dubai benefits greatly from efforts taken towards recycling wires and cables. Buyers of Copper Scrap in Dubai can access recycled metal at much better rates than copper extracted from virgin ores. Next time you come across wires and cables stash in your home, consider them recycling with us – one of the leading recycling companies in UAE!

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