Sunday 21 November 2010

Recycling of Non- Ferrous Metals at Lucky Group

Non- ferrous metals are those metals which do not contain iron. Aluminum, copper, brass etc are the best examples of non- ferrous metals. When these metals are recycled they save lot of energy. Also there is less pollution. It reduces the amount of metal going to landfill which saves the wastage of valuable resources.
There are many metal scrap companies in Dubai but Lucky Group is a company known not only in local market but also it has its name in international market. It deals in ferrous and non- ferrous metal scrap recycling. A large amount of non- ferrous metals are supplied by Lucky Group not only to the surrounding market but also to the international market. Lucky Group is specialized in non- ferrous metals like aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, lead, zinc etc. Lucky Recycling is the flagship company of Lucky Group. Lucky Recycling deals scrap metal recycling. At the recycling stations these non- ferrous metals are handled with fully equipped and operational recycling facilities. These recycling stations are setup at Dubai, Jebel Ali and Doha. Used beverage cans, stainless steel items, copper and brass ingots and many such items are recycled by Lucky Recycling, a company of Lucky Group.
Lucky Group has a flagship company. Lucky Alloys; they are the best aluminum manufacturer in Dubai and Fortune Metals an associate company, is situated in Canada. It is the top choice in scrap metals all over the globe. Lucky Recycling is an environmental active and conscious body. It participates in events promoting safety of the environment.

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