Wednesday 8 December 2010

Lucky Group Recognized over the Globe

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Lucky Group is a well recognized company and has its name in international market. The company is known for scrap metal recycling and as the best aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. Lucky Recycling and Lucky Alloys are the flagship companies of Lucky Group based in Dubai, whereas Fortune Metals an associate company of Lucky group is situated in Canada. It is the top choice in scrap metals all over the globe.

Lucky Group is known for participating in various events. The company participates in those events which support environment safety. Lucky Group is a proud member of BIR and it holds Gold Membership Card of this organization. Lucky Recycling is one of the dignified companies to win the recognition from British Safety Council. Lucky Group has won recognition from ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 2002. Lucky Recycling has been recognized by London Metal Exchange, world’s leading non-ferrous metal market. Lucky Group is known for protecting the environment by recycling scrap metals, it’s been recognized by Dubai Quality Group. Lucky group has been awarded by Emirates Environmental Group. There are many more organizations like CMRA, BMR from whom Lucky group has won the recognition.

Lucky Group is known for providing its best service in UAE. Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals have encouraged many other companies in UAE and around UAE to come up with scrap metal recycling.

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