Wednesday 16 April 2014

Aluminium Recycling: A Profitable Phenomenon

In the older days, you would need to open an aluminium can only with a can opener. However, when the pull-on tab was invented, it was a great revolution in the industry. They increased the demand for aluminium packaging on a large scale.

Aluminium is a highly beneficial metal. It is found in abundance in the earth’s crust. The best aspect of it is that this metal is completely recyclable. And it is a known fact that recycling this metal takes only about 5% of the total energy is used in producing new, recycled aluminium. However, extracting the same from the ore not only consumes a lot of energybut also requires a lot of mining work which eventually results inrelease of a lot of hazardous gases.

Recycling aluminium scrap in Dubai has been a really great process that has been generating a lot of interest amongst a lot of people in Dubai. There are a lot of benefits of aluminium recycling and the beverage industry can definitely benefit from the same on a large scale. In fact, aluminium cans are known to get back to their shelves within fifteen days of time.

Lucky Group which is Dubai’s leading scrap metal recycling and manufacturing company has been highly involved in recycling a lot of metals on a large scale. It would be our pleasure to help our customers with any kind of recycling intentions and interests when it comes to not only aluminium but other metals like copper, lead, steel, brass and iron.

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