Friday 12 March 2010

An Easier Way To Recycle In Dubai

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Population is on the rise each day. Increasing population leads to increasing waste. This is the scenario currently taking place in UAE. Thus companies have come up with special trucks to ease the problem of transportation and recycling of waste from your home/office, till the scrap yards in Dubai.

These trucks make recycling easier, as along as the people in Dubai take the initiative to separate everything that needs to be thrown away. Just the way you are used to separating wet from dry waste, you also need to separate the dry waste depending upon the material each item is made of. That is because aluminum scrap in Dubai needs to be stored and used for purposes different from ferrous scrap in Dubai and likewise for the other metals, rubber, batteries, etc. None of the metal scrap should be mixed. The trucks transfer different kinds of waste to different Dubai scrap yards where the scrap is meant to be, rather than uselessly ending up in landfills. Some of these truck services are also free of charge.

In spite of such a helpful service at hand, many citizens aren’t making use of them. The government and metal scrap companies in Dubai can only help you recycle and save the city, by making things more convenient. It is up to us to take advantage of their efforts and make our city a better place to live.

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