Sunday 7 March 2010

Lucky Group at the ‘World Aluminum Markets 2010’

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Rise in the production of aluminum and slow rise in demand is one of the main reasons for this year’s World Aluminum Markets Conference in Hong Kong. This conference held in from March 25th – 26th is an attempt at creating more awareness about the benefits of using aluminum in the production of goods. The conference is also aimed at solving the problems faced by aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai.

Lucky Group is one of the key sponsors of this event. And Iqbal Shaban (President of Lucky Group) will be extending a helping hand towards this good cause in the form of sponsorship. Mr. Shaban will also be the speaker at the World Aluminum Markets 2010. Lucky Group has participated in World Aluminum Markets 2010 as their vision matches with the vision of this conference. For instance, it is a fact that recycling and using aluminum scrap in Dubai for the production of goods can easily help save other scarce natural resources; because aluminum scrap can be recycled over and over again.

After Lucky Group achieving much over the last year, it seems plain obvious that Mr. Shaban will have much to share at this world conference. He strongly believes that the key to the success of Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals lies in the idea of redefining each company’s focus on core areas of strength. He has always encouraged his organization to stay united and share the knowledge they have gained from experience over the years.

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