Monday 13 September 2010

Recycling Aluminum

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Aluminum is a metal which is 100% recyclable and it does not lose its natural qualities even after recycling. The new trend in the aluminum industry is to recover metal via recycling. Recycling involves melting scrap. This process requires only 5% o energy used to produce aluminum ore.
The aluminum which is recycled is known as secondary aluminum. Even though it’s recycled, aluminum retains its same properties. Aluminum is recycled on in wide range of formats and 80% of it is used in alloy injections. When aluminum is recycled significant amount of cost saving takes place. When we use new aluminum not only the cost of production but also cost of separation and recycling is taken under consideration. Even when, aluminum is recycled larger national savings take place as there is reduction in capital cost related to landfill, mines and international shipping of raw aluminum.
Recycling aluminum has lot of environmental benefits:
1. Only 5% of CO2 is produced during recycling process.
2. Open-cut mining is a type of surface mining; this process is mostly used for obtaining aluminum ore because of which there is large scale destruction of world’s natural resources but if aluminum is recycled this destruction won’t take place.
3. Can produced from recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy that of producing a new can.
Lucky Group’s company; Lucky Alloys is one such company in Middle East which produces Secondary Aluminum and Semi- Primary alloys. It is known as the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. The company is proud as it’s is recognized for its efficiency, high quality production facility and for customer centric approach.
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