Monday 6 September 2010

Recycling Metal Protects Environment

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Recycling of any product saves energy, let it be recycling of metals like aluminum or steel or products made from paper. Recycling consumes less energy than making the object from new product. Metal is one such object which does not lose its value even after it is recycled number of times. Not only the economic value, but there are many environmental benefits which has led to recycling of metals on large scale. The environmental benefits are:

1. When a metal is recycled more energy is saved compared to make a new metal.

2. Pollution of water is reduced if the metal is recycled again and again.

3. Less consumption of water takes place while recycling metal unlike when new metal is made large amount of water is used.

4. As transmission of CO2 is less during recycling, air pollution does not take place in huge amount.

5. Recycling of metal reduces the need to mine the raw materials required to make the metal such as Iron ore for Steel, Nickel for Stainless Steel and Alumina and Bauxite for Aluminum.

Lucky Group is one of the most famous companies in Dubai. It is known for providing best services. Lucky Groups flagship company Lucky Recycling is known for metal recycling and giving the best product out of it. Lucky Recycling is an environmental active and conscious body. The recycling plants in Dubai are located at Jebel Ali and Doha that provide help not only to the surrounding market but also to the international market. Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals are also flagship companies of Lucky Group.

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