Monday 27 September 2010

Lucky Group is the Best

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Lucky Group is one company in Dubai which deals in metal recycling. Lucky Group has a different kind of vision. The group has 2 divisions one is scrap metal recycling and other is aluminum alloy manufacturing.
1. Scrap Metal Recycling: Lucky Group has always been environmentally active and conscious body. The policies and practices carried out by Lucky Group are always economically useful. Products such as copper scrap, ferrous scrap, brass scrap and aluminum scrap metals are commonly recycled from our various recycling facilities. Lucky Recycling is a company of Lucky Group which basically deals in scrap metal recycling.
2. Aluminum Alloy Manufacturing: Lucky Groups is the best aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai.  Its key interest is in secondary aluminum and semi-primary alloy manufacturing. The company started as a dealer in quality ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, but today it also deals in alloy manufacturing. Lucky Group of companies has a company dealing only in alloy manufacturing which is named as Lucky Alloys.
Lucky Group has its associated company named Fortune Metals. It is regarded as the top choice for scrap metals all over the globe.  Lucky Group is most famous companies in Dubai. They are known for their efficiency, latest technologies, advanced management practices, financial arrangements, risk management and operation control. It is one company who provides best service to the customers and also takes care of the environment by recycling metals. The global expansion supported through the service capabilities, makes Lucky Group one of the most recognized companies and its quality service and product singles it out in market.
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