Monday 20 September 2010

Mission and Social Responsibilities of Lucky Group

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Lucky Group is one of the most famous companies in Dubai. Lucky Group is known for providing best service to its customers and also it is an environmental conscious body. It is recognized as best scrap metal recycling and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. It has rapidly gained recognition, as a leading force in the industry with quality commitment.
The Mission of Lucky Group is:
1. To provide specific scrap metal to the customers and fulfill the needs of their key suppliers.
2. To generate value for stakeholders by making maximum usage of available resources and opportunities.
3. To achieve great success in the business Lucky Group has combined specialized collaborations and resources to become one of the most popular companies amongst their clients.
4. To progress towards making environment clean and make it a safe place to live.
The Social Responsibility of Lucky Group is as follows:
1. Lucky Group respects its reputation of honesty, integrity, ethical behavior and high moral. Its responsibility is to maintain its same standard and to give its best to their clients.
2. An accident free place to work, investment in human resources and relationship managers, reduced pollution etc are some essential ethics which Lucky Group is trying to upgrade and enhance.
3. Lucky Group also abides by its firm environmental policy of continuously progressing towards a more environmentally friendly infrastructure practices and fostering environmentally-conscious organizational culture.
Lucky Group and its three flagship companies Lucky Recycling, Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals have won many awards and recognitions from many institutions. Many metal industries in Dubai and around Dubai are now coming up with metal recycling and trying to keep the environment safe, clean and pollution free.
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