Sunday 3 October 2010

Uses of Aluminum and its Alloys

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Aluminum is one metal which is used in various products. Aluminum and its alloys always have large demand in the Dubai market. As there is more demand for aluminum and its alloys in market, production of aluminum is done on high level. Various purposes for which aluminum and its alloys used are as follows:
1. Aluminum on large scale is used for packaging purpose. It includes drinking cans, foil wrapping, bottle tops, foil containers etc. The main reason behind using aluminum for packing of food is that it is completely impermeable. It also doesn’t let the aroma or taste out of the food packaging. It is non-toxic metal.
2. Aluminum and its alloys are used in many aircrafts. As it is light in weight, less energy is used in moving the vehicle and it becomes easy to fly the plane. It is also used in trains, boats and cars.
3. It is used for long distance power lines. Aluminum has been used in high voltage electrical transmission, in place of copper as it is the most cost efficient power line material. Aluminum has other electrical applications too including TV aerials, satellite dishes, and it is the standard base for bulbs
4. To construct the buildings aluminum is used. Buildings made with aluminum are virtually maintenance free due to the strength of aluminum's corrosions resistance. It is also used to build roofs, doors, window panes etc.
5. It is used in many of the home appliances like saucepans, kitchen utensils and such things.
6. Aluminum alloys are used in making racquets, pool cues, ski poles etc.
7. It is useful in making office and home furniture.
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