Thursday 19 August 2010

Waste In Dubai Malls

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Dubai is the fastest developing city in the world but at the same time it is also generating large amounts of wastes every year. Many recycling companies are helping Dubai to be cleaner; one of them is Lucky Group. The company helps in several ways to recycle scrap so that useful metals are not wasted.

It is a well known fact that Dubai is a shopping paradise and shoppers shop till they drop. A lot of shopping festivals are organized throughout the year which gives rise to the number of visitors. Do you know that these shopping malls and shoppers are one of the causes of rising amount of wastes in Dubai? For restricting the waste you must follow some simple steps.

1.    Banners and posters that are used in shopping malls must not be thrown away. Instead keep them safe to reuse.

2.    When you use plastic and paper bags while shopping don’t throw them away instead reuse them. It would be better if you use bags made of cloths.

3.    Along with eatables a great amount of plates, spoons and glasses made of paper or plastic are wasted. A lot of tissue papers are found in bins which are almost unused. Many times people take food and don’t finish it, resulting into food wastage. All these waste materials must be recycled.

Lucky group is a recycler and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. They have been contributing towards recycling with their company Lucky Recycling. They have two more companies which are: Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals.

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