Friday 11 June 2010

No Compromise With The Quality Of Products

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Quality of products is of utmost importance for every manufacturer. If quality raw material is not supplied then manufacturers fail to produce excellent products in the market. But there have been cases when producers receive cheap quality metals from their suppliers they end up making products with degrading quality. Thus reputation of a manufacturing company is spoiled.

Every other company existing in the industry does not hold a reputable image. But Lucky Group is one of those companies which have well established image since many years. We follow a perfect procedure of supplying quality metals to our clients.  Metals pass through a strict checking for quality standards.  Experienced management team, skilled labor and suitable equipments are used to deliver best quality to the customers. Most of the facilities used at Lucky Group are automated and advance in technology. Modern equipments like balers, radioactive detectors, analyzers and spectrometers are used which ensures that finest products are gained. There are most advanced facilities available to discard contaminated or non-compliant byproducts. The head office especially pays attention so that quality measures are maintained. The company also provides customers with complete documentation of the loading process including photographs, packing lists, material analysis reports, quality reports and weight tickets.

All the three companies of Lucky Group which are lucky alloys, lucky recycling and fortune metals follow a strict implementation of management system so that best quality products are supplied to their customers. The emphasis given on the quality and technically advanced equipments has earned the company an excellent reputation in the international market.

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