Wednesday 16 December 2009

Various Uses Of Aluminum And Its Alloys

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Aluminum is one of the important metals which is widely used for different purposes. The demand for aluminum alloys has never decreased. This has led to more amount of manufacture of aluminum. There are many aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai but it is necessary to find out the best and trustworthy company. First we will try to figure out for what purposes aluminum alloys are used.

  1. Transport: aluminum and its alloys are the fundamental requirements in manufacturing aircrafts. Even when usage of other metals is growing yet 70% of aircraft airframes are made from aluminum alloys. Many car production companies increased including aluminum in engine casting, wheels, radiators and body parts.

  2. Electrical Conductor:  A very large proportion of overhead, high voltage, power lines utilize aluminum rather than copper as the conductor on weight grounds.

  3. Packaging: we all have used aluminum foils when it comes to packing food. We are also aware of the aluminum cans which are used to pack beverages. Aluminum packaging is easy, light and decorative. Aluminum consumption is raised by 15% after the wide use of cans.

  4. Furniture: many of our office and residential furniture is made using aluminum or its alloys.

  5. Buildings: aluminum and its alloys are used on a large scale for constructing buildings. The metal is used to make roofs, doors, windows, panes, frames, shutters and many other things like these.

  6. Appliances: many home appliances that we use are manufactured using aluminum or its alloys.

  7. Sports Equipments: aluminum alloys are used for making racquets, snookers, pool cues, ski poles, golf club and trolleys.

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