Wednesday 23 December 2009

Shopping Malls Are Waste Producers

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Dubai is no doubt the fastest developing country in the world. But at the same time Dubai is generating a very large amount of wastes every year. There are many recycling companies who are helping Dubai to be cleaner. One of those companies is Lucky Group.

As we all know Dubai is the shopping paradise and shoppers shop here to their heart’s content. Many shopping festivals are organized throughout the year. Even tourism in Dubai is increasing, during Dubai Shopping Festival more than 2 million travelers visit Dubai. Do you know that these shopping malls and shoppers are one of the causes of rising amount of wastes in Dubai?

  1. You must have observed banners and poster in shopping malls, have you ever thought where do they go when replaced with new ones? Yes, they are thrown into trash.

  2. When we shop the first thing we think of is bags. We use plastic and paper bags while shopping, and throw them away when they are not required. This again increases the level of wastes.

  3. During these types of shopping events there are many different types of cuisines available at different counters. Along with eating a great amount of plates, spoons and glasses made of paper or plastic are wasted. A lot of tissues papers are found in bins which are almost unused. Many times people take food and don’t finish it, resulting into food wastage.

Thus Dubai has become one of the largest waste producers.  Lucky group is a recycler and aluminum alloy manufacturers in Dubai. They have been contributing towards recycling with their company Lucky Recycling. They have two more companies which are: Lucky Alloys and Fortune Metals.

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