Thursday 24 December 2009

Understanding Recycling Symbols

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Most of us understand the importance of recycling. But there might be many who do no give emphasis on recycling things. After visiting Dubai scrap yard one will definitely think to contribute towards recycling. There are many metal recycling companies in Dubai which will help you in recycling. But there are many issues which one has to go through when you decide to recycle. One of them is recycling symbols. We should know what each symbol stands for. There are a few symbols which I have mentioned below.

  1. Glass: Please put this in a bottle bank

  2. Mobius Loop: This can be recycled

  3. Aluminum: Recyclable aluminum

  4. Steel: Recyclable steel

  5. Plastic: High Density Polyethylene

  6. Plastic: Low Density Polyethylene

  7. Dispose off this carefully and thoughtfully. Do not litter.

  8. Wood: the product contains wood.

  9. Paper: A paper or board is made from minimum 75% genuine waste paper.

  10. This is a call for an action. Please recycle whenever possible

1.  2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

By understanding these recycling symbols it would be easier for you to recycle things. If you have any doubt regarding metal recycling then Lucky Group will help you. Lucky Group is an aluminum alloy manufacturer in Dubai. They also have a company called Lucky Recycling which handles various issues of recycling metals. Their company Fortune Metals deals in providing high quality metal material around the world. All the three companies are well established and have a reputable image world wide.

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