Wednesday 23 December 2009

A Few Simple Ways To Reduce Waste At The Shopping Malls

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While the metal recycling companies in Dubai are looking after recycling metals. We can also contribute in some way to decrease the amount of refuses. In my earlier posts I have discussed about shopping malls creating a high amount of wastes. We can take a few simple steps to decrease the amount of wastes.

  1. Carry your own bag: whenever you decide to go for shopping make it a point to take you own bag along with you. This will stop usage of new bags, and reuse is recycling.

  2. Reuse banners and hoardings: The people working at shopping malls should not throw away the banners, hording posters etc. they can be reused for making bags of paper or cloth. Or the cloth can be used as a rug to clean things.

  3. Penalty for wasting food: all the malls should fine people who waste food. They should also be fined if they waste glasses, plates and spoons made of paper or plastic.

  4. Take as required: mall authority should not give away tissues or water bottles in abundance. Keep a check that everyone should get as much as they require.

  5. Recycle centers: whatever amount of waste is gathered should be given to the Recycling center by the authority at the mall.

  6. Promoting recycling: many people visit malls. So they are the right place to educate a large amount of people on the benefits of recycling. If right type of promotion is done for recycling then malls themselves would be benefited.

These are few steps which every citizen of Dubai can follow to reduce wastes. A visit to the Dubai scrap yard will surely convince you to recycle things. Lucky group is one such company who is actively working for recycling metals. Their company is called Lucky Recycling.

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